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E-Cycling Your Old Electronics – Saving the Earth One Device at a Time

E-Cycling is the Trend to Jump On this Earth Day! As we continue through the technological revolution, one technological constant never changes. To function, tech devices require software and hardware. While software is growing and evolving at astounding rates, the hardware is still made up of the precious metals that require maintenance and replacement as […]

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Digital Security Breaches – Facebook’s Present, Your Data’s Future

As the leading social media platform slowly crawls along this bumpy trail, the general public is left with many questions, few answers, and some serious decisions to make about Facebook. What are you talking about, Paul? Earlier this month, Mark Zuckerberg testified in front of Congress on behalf of Facebook regarding the privacy rights of […]

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Should I Switch from Pandora or Spotify to Apple Music?

At Apple’s recent Worldwide Developer Conference, Apple announced its own music streaming service: Apple Music. Apple Music is a subscription model system where you either pay $10 per month for a personal account, or a $15/month family account to have access to download and stream around 30 million songs. For those who have already purchased […]

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6 Things a Surface Can, but an iPad Can’t

The Microsoft Surface lineup has always been better known for productivity and versatility at work rather than solely being a dedicated tablet like an iPad. These two devices are actually quite different from each other when taking a closer look, and there’s some things the iPad just simply can’t do. What are those exact features […]

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Google Study Results Show Once Again Passwords are Not Safe Online

A recently published Google research paper is the first large scale review of security questions as a password recovery tool. It is a long research paper, but is actually quite a good read if you’re into password math and entropy calculations. However, most of you are probably more interested in the real world questions and ramifications […]

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What You Need To Know About The Stores You’re Visiting

In 2013, a series of stories uncovered that the beloved Nordstrom’s had begun testing a relatively new technology at the time: Mobile Location Analytics (MLA). This technology uses the WiFi access points already in place in all stores and retail locations to track and identify the number of customers who are visiting and even where in […]

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How Does the Web Work Exactly?

Hello there again from ITP, today we’re going to talk about what exactly happens behind the scenes when you’re heading to your favorite websites everyday. While technology has made things incredibly easy for us users to navigate the endless amounts of information on the web, there’s still a lot happening behind the scenes in order […]

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Pros and Cons of BYOD Policies

Our smart phones have become like companions to us. They wake us up, play our favorite music, send emails, browse the internet, and even can track how many steps we take in a day. They’ve become such an integral part of our lives, so much so that many of us would have no idea what […]

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Email templates to help you avoid drowning in your inbox

Let’s talk numbers. According to an Osterman Research report from March2014, the average employee deals with nearly 200 emails in a regular workday. The work involved in those emails amounts to an average of more than 160 minutes, each day! But you’re probably not surprised. You feel the pressure every day in your own work. […]

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Smart Bikes and Smart Football Helmets?

Smart Phones Smart Bikes and Football Helmets could revolutionize technology During the past two semesters, teams of students at University of Wisconsin-Madison brainstormed these devices and a couple dozen others in the university’s Internet of Things Lab. Can you imagine the following?  A football helmet that measures acceleration and changes in brain waves to detect […]

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