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Not your Father’s Phishing

As we approach Tax Day, it’s a great time to talk about personal information security, and specifically, how to avoid phishing scams. Scams Increase during Tax Season For those who don’t know, phishing is a form of fraud where the scammer attempts to gain access to your personal information by posing as a reputable source […]

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10 Steps for Effective Vulnerability Management

Data Security: Effective Prioritization & Management For every organization, information is a valuable asset, yet it is challenging to secure. As the value of information increases so too does its attractiveness to criminals and other attackers. However, unlike other valuable assets such as cash, information is not secured in a large safe which can be easily […]

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5 Technology Decisions to Make Now

One of the most crippling things a business can do is neglect to make decisions. Often businesses and departments wait too long and their hands are forced to make decision without thoughtful consideration or alignment to a long-term strategy. Strangely, this is what most SMBs choose to do when it comes to their technology decisions. The problem […]

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2 Reasons Apple Users Should be More Security Aware Immediately

I am an Apple and Windows user.  No way around it in my line of business I have to live on multiple platforms every day.  Spent a fair amount of time over the last 2 weeks using my old friend CentOS (Linux) even.  Often times people feel the warm flow of their Apple logo protects […]

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Apple vs FBI in 3 Bullet Points What You Should Know

There has been a lot of press lately about an ongoing argument between our government and one of the world’s largest technology companies, Apple.  I wanted to take a moment to distill this debate down and explain what some of the core issues are. Solid State Drive and Program encryption.  If you have a desktop […]

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Is Windows 10 Stealing All of Your Passwords and Personal Information?

As you know, Microsoft has released a new product – which means it’s also time for the internet world to bombard everyone with their opinions and judgments of the newest, hottest operating system Windows 10. One reaction which I appreciate is about security and privacy.  I spend my share of time alerting people to privacy […]

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Fighting the Toughest Battle in Cybercrime: Spear phishing

Introduction:  Just a couple weeks ago, CBS ran a 60 Minutes segment about the cyber-attack on Sony Pictures, and it brought to light the dangers of phishing. Specifically, it highlighted a tactic called Social Engineering, which is a technique used by cybercriminals to manipulate people through trickery to get them to divulge information.  Social engineering […]

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How Your Phone System May Be Stifling Remote Employee Productivity

Imagine for a moment that you’re a sales manager at a growing company and you’ve just been tasked with building a remote team of 40 sales reps. Your company’s headquarters is in Boston, but these reps will primarily work out of their home offices and much of their time will be spent on the phone […]

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A Virus Will Cost Your Company $24,000 or More

The Article to Show Your Boss Who Says “I won’t change my password” On every free network assessment that ITP performs, there is a section on basic security steps that every organization should have in place.  The one area where we see companies from all industries struggle with is password complexity and password rotation.  Here […]

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How to Keep Your Family Safe Online, Advice from a Cybersecurity Expert.

In the wake of a rash of news stories around kids in Wisconsin having “sex parties” published to Facebook and the Slenderman stabbings, I think it’s very important to take a moment and discuss keeping your home network safe.  I spend my day job keeping the “bad guys” out of business networks to protect corporate […]

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