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The Struggle for Great IT Talent

Having trouble keeping your IT team staffed? You are far from alone. Many SMBs have issues retaining top technical talent, and the reasons why are not surprising. Churn is a constant and expensive issue among small and medium businesses. To make matters worse, costs of hiring and training new talent makes nearly impossible to stay in front […]

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Five Signs Your IT Person (or staff) is Top Notch

Do you have stellar IT staff and team members? Here’s five signs that you do: You know what they’re doing. Good IT requires good communication – there’s no way around it. This communication needs to come from the IT. team in a way that is structured and consumable by management. To do this, IT teams […]

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The One IT Role SMB Desperately Needs…

…is the Business Analyst. The Business Analyst is a combination of a detective and translator. These individuals take business problems and they figure out the process, tools, information, services, etc. necessary to fix the problem. In today’s business world, the answer to most business problems involves I.T. at some level. The Business Analyst takes the business […]

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