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Is I.T. work getting more stressful?

Remember when everyone had CPUs under their desks? And your remote workers all used the same model of laptop? Everyone was using the same version of the OS and productivity programs.  Everyone stored their data in your central file server and remote workers used VPN to access their work. It seems so long ago and […]

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What the Attack On Sony Pictures Means for Your Small Business

Many of you have probably read or watched some of the seemingly endless news coverage about the cyber attacks against Sony Entertainment.  December and January have been active times for the cyber criminal worlds.  December, in particular, brought what the FBI is calling one of the worst attacks against the U.S. private sector.   The […]

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One Size Doesn’t Fit All

The latest trend in Silicon valley is to create wearable devices that create a more seamless technology experience with our daily lives. From smart watches to smart shirts that measure heart rates to rings that serve as public transportation passes, wearable tech is in a state of rapid innovation. While these engineering feats are amazingly […]

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The Tale of 2 Hackers

I recently read an article in the NY Times and another interesting read on a well known security blog (Krebs on Security) — both about the lives of modern day hackers.  I was really struck by both coming out in a similar time frame and on similar subjects; The real life identities of people who are […]

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IT’s time to leave Heartbreak Hotel

Today, we’re talking SSD and HDD… more alphabet soup from the IT space.  What is this technology and why is it gaining in popularity?  Read on to learn the ins and outs of how this technology is working its way into your office. First, let’s do a history lesson on hard drive technology — often […]

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This week in security

This week is yet another with IT security as a headline in the news. The first message to pass around the office is a friendly reminder about phishing scams. Unfortunately, whenever our nation faces a crises, or major news events, there will be a group of people who will use those circumstances for their own […]

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Educate the Educator

Any successful IT implementation is predicated on the solution deployed, the business needs it addresses and the skill of the team deploying and supporting it. In many cases, the tendency is to review and evaluate functions and features the solution brings, and plan how quickly it can be implemented. Focus immediately centers on the solution […]

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E-mails your CIO should write

You already know ITP for its great service and great people. Now, we want to introduce you to our new and exciting role as your outsourced CIO. We are here to help keep you connected to where IT is moving in your industry. Today, I wanted to highlight one of ITP’s partner companies: Box. Box […]

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The Post PC Era

We are living in a post PC era. What does that mean? It means that most of us now carry more non-PC devices than computers in our lives. I, myself, have a MacBook Pro which travels with me from work to home, as well as an iPad Air and a shiny new iPhone 6 Plus. […]

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Avoiding “exposure”: Lessons for business from the great celebrity photo hack

Original post by Carles Cabre is here. Last week, we all read about how Jennifer Lawrence and other celebrities had indiscreet photos stolen and distributed across the Internet. It’s speculated that their accounts were accessed by a “brute force” attack—which can only be successful if their passwords were weak. But it’s not just celebrities who […]

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