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Register for ITP’s Skype for Business Webinar

Are you fully utilizing your Office 365 tool, Skype for Business? One of the many reasons we love Office 365 so much? All of the amazing apps that accompany it. Join Information Technology Professionals as we explore one of our favorite Office 365 applications for communication and collaboration, Skype for Business. Run virtual meetings, screen […]

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Microsoft to acquire GitHub for $7.5 Billion

In a highly-discussed decision, Microsoft moves to purchase Open-Source Developer GitHub Why the purchase from Microsoft? Why now for GitHub? The purchase announcement was made by Microsoft on June 4th. For Microsoft, this isn’t the average acquisition, as GitHub houses a vast and experienced global developer / open-source community. As the Microsoft team has already […]

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Powering Modern Patient Care – Part 1 of a Technology Webinar Series

Join ITP for a Free Technology Webinar Thursday, May 24th at 1PM CT For many healthcare organizations, maintaining systems for comprehensive patient care, remaining in compliance, AND choosing strategic technology upgrades can be overwhelming. At ITP, we are experts on the subject matter and we’re here to help you understand your IT systems. If you’re one of the many […]

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What You Might Have Missed From April

CEO Paul Hager Touches on 2 Topics Blockchain, What Even is it? We are a few months beyond bitcoin’s meteoric rise to national recognition, but the blockchain, aka the technological innovation that facilitates the infamous cryptocurrency, is still widely discussed in the tech space. Read more for to better understand what Blockchain truly is and what it can […]

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Microsoft Code of Conduct Update Incoming

For all of our avid Microsoft users – which is the majority of our clients – an update to the Code of Conduct will be rolled out on May 1. What does that mean for you? Nothing if you’re an upstanding user, one who never curses or lies. But if you’re a potty-mouth or a […]

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Cloud Accessibility with Microsoft 365

With this #MicrosoftMicDrop, it’s ok to have your head in the clouds. And by clouds, we mean the Microsoft Cloud. Microsoft 365’s cloud productivity is the perfect technology solution to help employees get the job done from just about anywhere, no wifi required. (You can finally stop asking your barista for the wifi password.) Microsoft […]

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Microsoft 365 Training On Demand

Did you miss our Microsoft 365 Webinar? It’s now available streaming anytime. Meet Microsoft 365, the newest release from Microsoft – a combination of the tools you already know and love, plus total security for your environment. It’s everything your team needs to be working together productively. Sounds like music to your ears, right? Get […]

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Microsoft 365: Focus on Security

You wouldn’t leave your doors unlocked… So, why wouldn’t you keep your files safe with top-notch security? Meet #MicrosoftMicDrop, the answer to keeping your company data secure. Whether confidential materials are kept on desktop or mobile, there’s no stranger danger here! You’re probably wondering what a “#MicrosoftMicDrop” is… Well, it’s our way of saying it’s […]

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Microsoft Partner Executive Summit

ITP @ Microsoft HQ Last week Microsoft hosted their annual ‘Partners Executive Summit’ at their headquarters in Redmond, WA. This event hosts 150 of the top Microsoft partners from around the United States for two days of product updates, technology-focused discussions, and networking. Information Technology Professionals CEO, Paul Hager – was in attendance and had the […]

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Microsoft 365 Webinar: Last Chance

Happening on Thursday! Join our Microsoft 365 webinar! Meet Microsoft 365 The very latest from Microsoft. Did we mention that we think it’s the last Microsoft license you’ll ever buy? Yes. It’s just that good. Join our team on Thursday at 1PM for a training session focused on Microsoft 365. We’ll share insight into this […]

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