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Why is my CPU so busy? Websites Stealing CPUs Without Your Consent

The Digital Trade-Off: Advertisements or CPUs? When spending time online you are a set of eyeballs being used for marketing dollars in a multi-billion dollar advertising world. Evidently, those ads are not enough to keep websites afloat these days. These website companies are getting even more creative with ways to monetize their web traffic. One […]

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Disney in Hot Water After Tracking App Activity

COPPA Laws Protects From Selling Kids Online Behavior to Advertisers Disney’s Palace Pets, an Apple and Android application, is under the microscope this week after a California woman claims the app was tracking her daughter. Last week a class action was filed in California, claiming that code within the app is collecting both personal information […]

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Local Security Breach: UW Patient Information

Last month, the UW Heath system announced that a breach had been made of their patient information. If you missed it: An unauthorized person gained access to information about 2,036 UW Hospital patients in March, a spokeswoman said Thursday. While the breach didn’t include patients’ Social Security numbers, health insurance information or other financial information, […]

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Why Choose Converged Infrastructure?

You’ve heard the buzzword a time or two, but who is actually using converged infrastructures? Converged and hyper-converged infrastructures have gained a lot of attention over the last several years. Why? Companies continue to ask for easier setups for on premise cloud environments. The second factor driving this demand is the inexpensive availability of local […]

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Ingram Micro and ITP Give Back

Last week, VP of Sales Bill Henry was in Orlando, FL with an ITP partner ShoreTel learning about how businesses can become even more connected through modern phone systems. This week, CEO Paul Hager is spending some time at one of the largest IT events in the world: Ingram Micro IMOne event in Orlando, FL. […]

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The Internet Of Things: Will it Make Life Better or Far Worse?

Hey there everyone, It’s Paul Hager again, and today I would like to talk Internet of Things. I was reading an article recently from the former Cisco Futurist Dave Evans ( and I agree wholeheartedly with the points he addresses about the Internet of Things. However, I would like to take his article a bit […]

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Optimizing and troubleshooting Outlook for Mac OS X

The original article can be found here. Optimizing and troubleshooting Outlook for Mac OS X I’m a Mac user. And Outlook for Mac makes me sad. That’s because, when compared to its Windows counterpart, Outlook for OS X (aka Outlook 2011) is an underperformer. Maybe it’s because the Windows version was built in the same […]

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7 reasons to use Lync for communication and collaboration

You can find the original article here. Everybody loves instant messaging. It’s a really great way to have quick conversations that don’t necessarily require a phone call. And I love how you can chat using mobile devices or computers. You can always reach someone, even when they’re out of the office. But I like to […]

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Generate and install SSL Certificates on Microsoft Windows

Generate and install SSL Certificates on Microsoft Windows I’ve seen lately many requests in our forums, and I personally received some, about how to generate and manage SSL certificates on Windows Machines. It seems one of those topics that is always hot, especially these days with all the services available over public internet connections, and […]

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The Internet of Everything might be here in the U.S. but what about the globe?

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text] This image is the result of the work of the search engine Shodan. Shodan ran a ping test on every IP in the world and charted the responses based on their location around the globe. The results are a map that shows both how connected we are here in the U.S. and how […]

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