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E-Cycling Your Old Electronics – Saving the Earth One Device at a Time

E-Cycling is the Trend to Jump On this Earth Day! As we continue through the technological revolution, one technological constant never changes. To function, tech devices require software and hardware. While software is growing and evolving at astounding rates, the hardware is still made up of the precious metals that require maintenance and replacement as […]

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Digital Security Breaches – Facebook’s Present, Your Data’s Future

As the leading social media platform slowly crawls along this bumpy trail, the general public is left with many questions, few answers, and some serious decisions to make about Facebook. What are you talking about, Paul? Earlier this month, Mark Zuckerberg testified in front of Congress on behalf of Facebook regarding the privacy rights of […]

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Blockchain – What Even Is It?

We are a few months beyond bitcoin’s meteoric rise to national recognition, but the blockchain, aka the technological innovation that facilitates the infamous cryptocurrency, is still looking for an ultimate use case. When the tech world was first introduced to the Blockchain via an anonymous white paper in 2008, it was not at the forefront of […]

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Apple vs FBI in 3 Bullet Points What You Should Know

There has been a lot of press lately about an ongoing argument between our government and one of the world’s largest technology companies, Apple.  I wanted to take a moment to distill this debate down and explain what some of the core issues are. Solid State Drive and Program encryption.  If you have a desktop […]

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Avoid data loss: Veeam Endpoint Backup vs. CryptoLocker

CryptoLocker has been in the news a lot recently. For those of you who haven’t heard of it, it is a Trojan Ransomware that’s specifically targeted to computers running the Windows OS (operating system). There are more variants or clones of this specific Trojan around today, and while not related to the original CryptoLocker, they all […]

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What Have Uber and Airbnb Taught Us?

Hey there, it’s Paul Hager again from Information Technology Professionals. I was reading a recent article in Entrepreneur about the sharing economy made famous by Ebay, Craigslist and now Uber and Airbnb. I was struck by the common thread of technology in each. This common thread has transformed industries and built HUGE companies. “Collaborative consumption” as […]

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2,100,000 Still Using Dial-Up

2.1 million American are still connected to the Internet over slooooooooowwwwwwww dial-up. Meanwhile, about 3/4 of the country is connected to much faster broadband — giving them the capability to access and subsequently process a significantly larger amount of data and information in a day. Just imagine the differentiated advantage when you’re looking at a […]

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Mobility is the New Normal

Is your company data running around the city on your employee’s owned devices? Watching a recent Microsoft presentation on mobility, I recently heard a statistic from the CEB “Future of Corporate ITL:203-20017. 2013. “ that stated 66% (2/3) of employees use personal devices for work purposes and that 33% of employees work away from their […]

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Virtual Reality: How to easily establish consistent communications with anyone, anywhere

When the London Business School hosted its annual Global Leadership Summit in June 2014, the school surveyed attendees about a variety of modern business issues and challenges. While the results of that survey covered a variety of topics, one of the really interesting findings was that respondents believed that half of their employees would be […]

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Your Data Plan Bill is About To Get Bigger!

The latest Citrix Mobile Analytics Report reveals the fact that (on average) iPhone 6 Plus owners are using TWICE the data volume of iPhone 6 owners. If you were already frustrated about those data tiers from your phone provider, then you might want to rethink that upgrade to the latest and greatest smartphone. Not only […]

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