Why do CFOs manage IT?

Maybe it’s because CFOs are smart and technology is complex. Whatever the reason, it seems CFOs are often involved in the company’s technology at some level: authorizing expenses, deciding on the next technology, or even managing all of it.

Financial responsibilities with technology duties piled on top. Are there even enough hours in the day? Sometimes it seems like the odds are stacked against the CFO. That's where we come in. Below are some of the very best resources for CFOs managing IT.

CFO Resource Library

We’ve put together a set of resources, templates and guides for CFOs managing IT. Check them out:

· Guide to Making Surefire Software Decisions

· 4 Most Common Reasons Technology Fails

· IT Business Case Template

· Good IT Template 

· Strategic IT Plan Template

· Guide to Choosing the Right IT Support Model

A Quick Favor

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