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Lock Down Your Legal Documents & Data

In today’s day-and-age, your legal documents and data are more mobile than ever before. Information is constantly flowing in and out of your firm, being accessed by multiple devices, by multiple users, every day. Maintaining control over confidential information and sensitive client data is essential for a legal firm to function, but it’s becoming increasingly harder to stay secure.

Meet the Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security Suite (EMS).
EMS is an advanced suite of easy-to-use security tools created to keep your legal practice safe, private and productive. Signing-in to company applications like TimeMatters or Outlook is easier and more secure than ever with single-sign-on software. Actively managing your firm’s flow of information, devices, and user permissions becomes both possible and practical. Equipped with Microsoft EMS, you can be confident your practice’s devices, data, and applications are kept private.

EMS Offers Law Firms

Iron-Clad Cloud Protection.
Comprehensive security for all your firm’s devices and data, everywhere.

No Learning Curve.
Advanced security tools with no learning or training required.

Locked Down In A Day
Installed on all devices, in one day, with no interruptions.

More Security For Less
Just a few dollars per user, per month, for total practice protection.

EMS Includes:

Protect your firm with advanced, easy-to-use security tools.

Upgrading your firm’s security doesn’t have to be an intensive or expensive process. The Microsoft EMS suite seamlessly layers over all your existing Office products, so there’s no need for additional training. The entire software suite is installed in the background while you work, whether your servers are in the cloud or on-site, providing your practice with advanced and affordable security without impacting any existing technology.

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