For Small Business Owners

The Plain Talk

YOU wear more hats for your small business than you can even count.  Well, you could count them, but you have no time to!  You’re the leader, but also the accountant, purchaser, producer, salesperson…and maybe even the IT manager.

With that much burden, day after day passes without you realizing it.  But as your company grows, you begin to sense that you need to make an adjustment in how your company uses technology.  You know that the results of no decision, or a poor decision, could be devastating.  This is your life and your livelihood, after all.

Whether it’s a file sharing solution, a network issue, or simply email, the fact remains that the technology you used when you started your business may not be working for you and your business anymore.  Now, you need an IT solution that will expand with you, and an IT partner that you can trust. That partner is ITP. 

ITP provided my company with a stable infrastructure that is best in class. I appreciated their communication skills in “Non-IT”, which made me feel even more comfortable. They were also very affordable. I used them again, without question, when I started my second company.
Tom W. - Ambitious Owner of a Local Coffee Chain in Madison, Wisconsin

We know the general outline of your story, and understand your basic challenges, because we’ve stood by small business owners like you for over a decade.  We’ve helped owners through periods of growth, by implementing and supporting technology that could grow with them.  At times, those expansions were steady, and at other times, those expansions were beyond rapid.

If you want your technology to grow with your business, you need careful planning and a long-term strategy.  Your strategy needs to take into account the unique qualities of your small business, the technology of today, your goals and ambitions, and then the technology of tomorrow.  And this planning—this strategy crafting—is  what we’ll do for your small business…for free.

Once your strategy is put into place, we can be there for you when your staff needs IT help.  Instead of looking to you whenever your employees have an issue connecting to the internet or getting their email, they can look to us instead.  We can bear that burden, letting you focus on growing the business that’s so near to your heart. 

We look forward to being there with you to celebrate your many victories ahead.

ITP Guide to Successful IT


For Small Business Owners

The Tech Talk

There are as many IT solutions as there are small businesses.  As a small business, you are unique.  You’re quirky.  There’s no business quite like yours.

On top of that, you may have 5 locations…or 1.  You may have 15 employees…or 115.  Your staff could be in offices, or in the field, or a combination of the two.

We craft IT solutions that are as unique as your business is. Cloud technology may be right for another business—that from the outside –looks a lot like yours.  But maybe a hosted solution or co-location would be a better fit for you.  Your competition may use desktop computers or laptops, but it’s very possible that your small business would be more productive (at a lower cost) with a virtual desktop solution. 

You don’t have to be technology savvy to make the correct, long-term decision for your small business.  We’ll give you only the details you need to make the right call, and we’ll educate you about your IT choices in plain English, and in a way that respects your intellect and sound judgment.