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Archive: November 2014

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

The latest trend in Silicon valley is to create wearable devices that create a more seamless technology experience with our daily lives. From smart watches to smart shirts that measure heart rates to rings that serve as public transportation passes, wearable tech is in a state of rapid innovation. While these engineering feats are amazingly […]

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The Tale of 2 Hackers

I recently read an article in the NY Times and another interesting read on a well known security blog (Krebs on Security) — both about the lives of modern day hackers.  I was really struck by both coming out in a similar time frame and on similar subjects; The real life identities of people who are […]

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Exchange Migration: Watch Out For Hidden Costs

I hate moving. You have to make sure you have all the appropriate tools to support your move – boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap. You may even have to take time off work. Let’s not mention the piling up of all your regular projects that you’re not getting to while focusing on the move. If […]

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3 Reasons Your PCI Scan will Fail in 2015 Unless You Take Action

2015 will be the year of security. With breaches at big names like Target and Home Depot, the chatter is increasingly centered (and rightfully so) around the seriousness of data breaches. The questions have started for the SMB community “If Target, with its seemingly limitless resources, can’t remain secure then how can I stand a […]

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Hacked Latte? What you need to know about Public Wifi

Free Wifi at the coffee shop and hotel are a requirement to get things done.  Unfortunately there are people who uses these hotspots to track what you’re doing online.  Sound scary and unbelievable?  There was recent coverage of a hotel in China’s wifi being compromised by a nearby professional hacking group to steal trade secrets […]

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Keep Your Kids Safe Online

I can’t think of a more important place to protect your technology than at home with your children and family.  The reality is that kids have access to 2-3 devices with internet on them these days and it’s increasingly difficult to traffic and protect them.  I tell my family and friends that it’s not about […]

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Flagging a way to beat your inbox

Someone asked me recently how I tackled my inbox madness. If you know me, I am unfortunately an email addict. Clients and staff have learned I will respond to emails at all hours. Sometimes though I know when an email needs my devoted attention and I need to sit down to an iPad or PC […]

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