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Archive: February 2015

How to Keep Your Family Safe Online, Advice from a Cybersecurity Expert.

In the wake of a rash of news stories around kids in Wisconsin having “sex parties” published to Facebook and the Slenderman stabbings, I think it’s very important to take a moment and discuss keeping your home network safe.  I spend my day job keeping the “bad guys” out of business networks to protect corporate […]

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Technology Consulting for Law Practices in Wisconsin

As legal professionals, you have better things to do than worry about the ins and outs of information technology. No one has more expertise in technology consulting than Information Technology Professionals, as 8 of Wisconsin’s largest law firms trust ITP with their data and technology. Since our founding in 2003, no one has understood the […]

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What are the EdTech Challenges for 2015?

Solving EdTech Challenges in Wisconsin Education Strategic leadership, talent acquisition and training top the list of IT concerns for education in 2015. These findings are generated from a yearly survey by EDUCAUSE – a technology association that runs an ongoing research project to monitor what its members are encountering within their member organizations. The technology […]

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What Healthcare Companies Can Learn From Anthem’s Data Breach

If you’ve followed the news behind Sony, JP Morgan and other highly publicized breaches, you’ll notice that this latest Anthem breach follows a very familiar trend. Corporate IT systems are fighting a losing battle against today’s hackers. Unfortunately, when it comes to data breaches and cyberattacks, healthcare organizations are a prime target. Why healthcare systems? […]

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A Special Report from CBS 58 News

The Personal and Business Risks of Free Wi-fi As we all become more reliant on technology to get things done, many of us often assume free and secure will be available to us when and where we need it. As IT Professionals, we would caution against this approach. In light of this, CEO and Security […]

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4 Upgrades To Extend The Life of Your Computer

Due to newer and more memory-intensive software that comes along with advancements in technology, the average computer lifespan has decreased to approximately 2 years. Fortunately, there’s proactive measures that you can take to extend the lifespan of your computer. So, instead of waiting 30 seconds (or more) for your favorite application to open, you could […]

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Security Concerns over Mobile Outlook

Microsoft Outlook For iOS and Android App Released With a Flurry of Security Concerns The exciting news is that Microsoft is trying to better your user experience (UX) on mobile devices. Microsoft acquired Acompli (who created the app) — which is now rebranded as Outlook for iOS and Android. A pretty bold re-naming, if you […]

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The Most Important Acronyms of 2015

Hey there again, it’s Paul Hager from IT Professionals. Before I teach you a couple more IT acronyms, let’s go through a few true stories from companies we have met over the years here at ITP.  To protect those involved, the names of each company have been removed. Company A – Company A is doing […]

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Weather-proof Your Business with a Mobile Work Environment

Inclement weather cannot only cripple public transit and school districts, but it can also shut down businesses. According to estimates from research firm Planalytics, businesses saw weather-related losses totaling $15 billion just in 2014 alone. While you and your business certainly can’t control the weather, you can control having a mobile-enabled workforce which can make inclement weather […]

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