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Archive: July 2015

Area Non-Profit Bridging the Connectivity Gap for Underserved Youth

Area Non-Profit Bridging the Connectivity Gap for Underserved Youth #SmartStartLab advances literacy for the 21st century   CONTACT: Rowan Childs, Madison Reading Project Founder  MADISON, Wisconsin – In today’s society, we are surrounded by a tech-savvy and heavily online culture. For a large portion of us, we have limitless amounts of information at our fingertips whenever […]

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Should I Switch from Pandora or Spotify to Apple Music?

At Apple’s recent Worldwide Developer Conference, Apple announced its own music streaming service: Apple Music. Apple Music is a subscription model system where you either pay $10 per month for a personal account, or a $15/month family account to have access to download and stream around 30 million songs. For those who have already purchased […]

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Gmail Adds Undo Feature; What About Microsoft Outlook?

Have you ever written an email and immediately wish you could have it back? Ever hit Reply All on accident? It’s happened to all of us one time or another. We get asked all the time here at IT Pros about being able to undo an email action. In some recent Tech news, Google recently […]

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Is I.T. work getting more stressful?

Remember when everyone had CPUs under their desks? And your remote workers all used the same model of laptop? Everyone was using the same version of the OS and productivity programs.  Everyone stored their data in your central file server and remote workers used VPN to access their work. It seems so long ago and […]

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