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Archive: August 2016

Compliance Technology Training – Free Webinar

Compliance frameworks rule the way financial healthcare, and legal firms conduct business. These requirements also impact the measures that firms take to safeguard the private data of their clients and patients. Enterprise-level organizations have the budgets to ensure compliance and privacy with the correct tools and resources. But at the small firm level, achieving and […]

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Microsoft Excel 2016: New Features We Love

Microsoft Excel saw a slew of updates this year. If you didn’t already know, Microsoft Excel lets you manipulate, visualize, and share your data. New functions now in Excel 2016 make it simpler and faster to build common calculations, find functions, and chart your data so it can provide useful insights. This month, Microsoft released […]

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Five Things Great IT Consultants Do

Think you have a great IT consultant? Here’s a quick list of the five things that all great IT consultants do and do well. Are you feeling the love from your trusted IT advisor? Are they checking all of these boxes: Educate: the world of technology changes so quickly that it’s nearly impossible for business […]

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The Changing Landscape of Managed IT Services

Growing tech complexity means that managed IT services are not what they used to be. Not so long ago, it was popular for IT consulting firms to provide a 100% outsourced solution to SMBs for managing their technology. The idea behind the approach was compelling: the IT firm knows IT really well, let them manage it […]

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The One IT Role SMB Desperately Needs…

…is the Business Analyst. The Business Analyst is a combination of a detective and translator. These individuals take business problems and they figure out the process, tools, information, services, etc. necessary to fix the problem. In today’s business world, the answer to most business problems involves I.T. at some level. The Business Analyst takes the business […]

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ITP Security Event – Protect Your Private Data from Prying Eyes

Security for your business environment Threats to your cyber-security are becoming more prevalent with each passing day, and our team feels a strong a duty to do everything we can to keep the bad guys out. Threats exist in unexpected places (and people) within your organization. Join Information Technology Professionals CEO Paul Hager as he presents […]

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