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Archive: November 2016

Put student data on lock down with security training

Join us Dec 13th for training on K-12 cybersecurity School districts are increasingly becoming the target for highly targeted and sophisticated cybercrime. Sensitive student and staff data is being stripped from unsecured servers and software. How? Through targeted phishing attacked and other highly personalized social engineering tactics. Join Information Technology Professionals for ‘Cybersecurity for Schools: […]

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Unlock Your Office 365 Superpower: Skype

To outsmart villains, superheroes must be connected… How? With sleek and sophisticated gadgets. At the push of a button they can alert their sidekick to impending danger, or get a status update from their assistant back at the lair. Skype for Business is your superhero transmission gadget. Unlock its powers to facilitate seamless team communication and collaboration. […]

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Announcing Cybersecurity for School Districts Webinar

Join us for information on keeping student data on lock. Every single day, educational organizations collect sensitive data from students and staff. This information in malicious hands would be debilitating both in money and time lost, to the system. Has your school district properly prepared for the threat of cybersecurity? Perhaps you’ve already experienced some […]

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Email Security – Protecting Against Evolving Threats

5 Requirements for Email Security The face of cyber security is changing every day. From malware to ransomware… and everything in between, we are on continual high alert for email scams that pose threats to our technology environments. “Wait! Don’t click that link……oh.” Individuals from inside your organization pose one of the biggest risks to […]

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8 Ways to Successfully Work from Home

Tips for Working from Home Better These days, it is increasingly common to work from home. In fact, in 2014, almost 1 in 4 U.S. employees worked from home all or part of the time1. Moreover, also in 2014, more than 2/3 of U.S. companies had employees working from home2. Working at home can be […]

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The Struggle for Great IT Talent

Having trouble keeping your IT team staffed? You are far from alone. Many SMBs have issues retaining top technical talent, and the reasons why are not surprising. Churn is a constant and expensive issue among small and medium businesses. To make matters worse, costs of hiring and training new talent makes nearly impossible to stay in front […]

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News from ITP: November Newsletter

  Can you afford a $3.97M security breach? Halloween may be over, but cyber criminals are never done playing their nasty tricks. Did you know that most breaches go fully undetected and completely unknown for 146 days? Here’s a few more startling facts: The average cost of lost business was $1.57M in 2015. Up from $1.33M in […]

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