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Archive: January 2017

Education 2017 major ransomware target

Lock down student data for good this year Everyone in IT for the education sector is most likely aware of the plague of ransomware that has visited their colleagues in healthcare this year. Healthcare offers hackers rich pickings of personal and financial information—but so does the education sector, where there is the added bonus of […]

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Unlock Your Office 365 Super Powers: Productivity

What’s holding you back from the cloud? We know that going to the cloud is a big undertaking. The time, planning and resources necessary is enough to make even the most experienced IT practitioner’s head spin. We hear the same cloud barriers again and again. I’m just too busy. I don’t have the right skills. […]

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No more passwords in 2017?

Was 2016 our last year of passwords? Yahoo!’s disclosure that hackers might have vacuumed up the passwords of as many as half a billion users lit the floodlights on two gaping issues in IT: Passwords run out of steam well before they cross the goal line of today’s security needs Sometimes you don’t even know they’re […]

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New Year Cheer with Homebrew Beer Event

Mingle & Brew! Join our 1/19 Event Raise a pint to the New Year! We are just one week away from our next After Work Network event! Join the ITP team in Milwaukee at the Northern Brewer. We’re hosting an evening of homebrew and networking. You can register for this free event, here. Meet other […]

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Reason #1 Technology Can Fail in SMB

The top reason why IT is a struggle for SMB is… that the wrong technology decision was made. The perfect software turned out to be not-so-perfect. The cloud solution that couldn’t fail, did. The state-of-the art backup system backed up all your data perfectly…but took three days to restore when your system was down. And so […]

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Lifecycle Planning For the Rest of Us

Lifecycle Management for Hardware and Software When do you know that it’s time to pull the plug on old outdated hardware? On one hand, you want to get the most out of your investment. You want to use the tool until it simply will not work any longer. On the other hand, old equipment is […]

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