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Archive: June 2017

Brew Your Skill: Personal Productivity Over a Pint

Why do some people get more done than you? Multiply 7 by 24 That’s how many hours we all have in a week – but some people get significantly more done in that time than others. How do they do it? Super-charge your personal productivity Join us for a couple hours of beers, laughs, and […]

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Webinar Streaming: Cloudy With a Chance of Vulnerabilities

Now Available Anytime: Threat Prioritization & Management Webinar Did you miss our webinar ‘Cloudy With a Chance of Vulnerabilities’? It’s now available on-demand and on your schedule. Last week we hosted Tenable to discuss the current state of security and threat management best practices. This 45 minute webinar is now available on demand. Access the webinar, […]

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Overcoming Hurdles to Better Phone Systems

The Myths of Upgrading Your Phone System Many business executives overlook the importance of their phone systems in their efforts to move their businesses steadily forward. But the reality is, your phone system is your lifeline to sales, customer service, and the innovation that drives your business ahead. Today we’re sharing three of the common […]

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Tech Test Drive With Microsoft: June 29th

Join ITP & Microsoft for our June event! Get a unique look into Microsoft at our June event! Join Information Technology Professionals (ITP) for an exclusive event at the newest high-tech Microsoft office in Milwaukee. We’ll be hosting a technology test drive: the Microsoft Immersion Experience. You’ll get hands-on with Office 365 devices and tools to […]

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Local Security Breach: UW Patient Information

Last month, the UW Heath system announced that a breach had been made of their patient information. If you missed it: An unauthorized person gained access to information about 2,036 UW Hospital patients in March, a spokeswoman said Thursday. While the breach didn’t include patients’ Social Security numbers, health insurance information or other financial information, […]

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ITP Newsletter: June

          Microsoft Podcast: Featuring ITP Last week, Microsoft’s SMB Insider podcast featured ITP CEO, Paul Hager. The podcast shares insight into how top Microsoft partners, like ITP, are leveraging their expertise to provide highly customized technology solutions to clients. ‘‘The small and medium businesses that do well are the ones that embrace that […]

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10 Steps for Effective Vulnerability Management

Data Security: Effective Prioritization & Management For every organization, information is a valuable asset, yet it is challenging to secure. As the value of information increases so too does its attractiveness to criminals and other attackers. However, unlike other valuable assets such as cash, information is not secured in a large safe which can be easily […]

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