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Archive: October 2017

Protect Your Private Data – Security Resources

Online Security Has Never Been More Important The Equifax hack stopped us in our tracks. The company estimated that over 142 million identities were stolen during this security breach. The private data stolen included names, social security numbers, birth dates, address and in some cases driver’s license numbers. This information, when packaged together, can sell […]

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Making the Case for Security

The bottom line impact of a security breach is steep. $117,000 is the average financial impact of a data breach. That would be a big hit to your organization’s bottom line. Yet some are still hesitant to make the investment in a rock-solid security stance. You already know how important it is to educate employees […]

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Join us! 10/27 at Flemming’s!

Hyperconverged Infrastructure is in high demand Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) is front and center in data center modernization. According to a 1Gartner survey, 74% of businesses are using, piloting or actively researching hyperconverged infrastructure solutions. According to Morgan Stanley’s 2016 CIO survey, 60 percent of CIOs indicated they planned to purchase hyperconverged systems within the next year, […]

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Insecure about Office 365 Security?

You’re not wrong. Office 365 Alone is Not Enough to keep Emails Safe. Organizations often think their email security systems are up to the task of protecting them. Unfortunately, gaps do exist… even in highly-sophisticated tools like Office 365. Mimecast conducted a 200-day, 36 million email security risk assessment. See the results of this study in […]

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Create a Human Firewall with Security Training

Train employees to quickly identify and avoid malicious emails, links, and attachments All it takes is one or two clicks by an employee to infect a workstation and allow hackers in. See how the leaders in cybersecurity training, KnowBe4, are empowering team members all over the world to quickly identify cybersecurity threats. The team members within […]

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Why is my CPU so busy? Websites Stealing CPUs Without Your Consent

The Digital Trade-Off: Advertisements or CPUs? When spending time online you are a set of eyeballs being used for marketing dollars in a multi-billion dollar advertising world. Evidently, those ads are not enough to keep websites afloat these days. These website companies are getting even more creative with ways to monetize their web traffic. One […]

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Lunch & Learn Event: Hyperconverged Everything

Hyperconverged Everything: Why Simpler is Smarter In order for your IT staff to deliver faster solutions at a lower cost, they require a next-generation infrastructure. The answer is a Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI). HCI delivers business applications and services with cloud-like economics and agility, plus the security and reliability of on-site solutions. The Power of Three […]

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