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Archive: November 2017

What categories should be in your IT Budget?

Get the secrets and free resources for better IT budgeting Your IT budget should guide your technology spending and serve as a communications tool for your organization. It should account for business needs, routine maintenance, replacement costs, hardware and software licenses, warranties, and even unexpected system failures. Also, don’t forget about your upcoming projects like […]

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News from ITP: November Edition

              Changing ISPs? Prioritize your network. We love fiber. It’s changing the way businesses operate and makes technology run oh-so-smoothly. As fiber becomes available in the regions in which we serve, we are excited to help clients in making that transition. Our team can provide critical planning and support […]

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Secrets to Better IT Budgeting

Secrets to Better IT Budgeting Webinar presented by ITP Tuesday, November 28th 1:00-1:45PM REGISTER NOW Budgets are much more than financial tools these days. They’re the secret weapon for creating accountability, encouraging creativity, measuring success, and driving business improvement. But when it comes to information technology, budgeting can get a little tricky. Did you know? Many […]

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Considering an internet change? Prioritize your IT.

We are so excited for the rapid availability of fiber internet in our client’s regions. Not only does it make technology run smoother, it helps your team operate at the speed of business. An issue we’ve encountered as clients consider changing internet service provider (ISP) or making the move to fiber, is downtime based on […]

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