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What are YOUR technology needs?

We understand that each organization is a little bit different. How they operate. What they can and cannot do. What they need and where their headed. Explore ITP’s many capabilities, from strategic IT to security policies – we have something for just about everyone. Ultimately, our goal is to serve as your IT expert… the person you can count on to always be open and honest about your true technology needs.

Whether that’s rolling out a big project or simply managing day-to-day IT help, like resetting passwords, we’ll be there for you every step of the way. Our highly customized approach allows you to choose only the technology support that you want and need.

All that and the kitchen sink.

Yes, we sell phone systems and Microsoft licenses. And we most definitely can help you choose an anti-virus tool to ward off malicious email attachments. We take the guesswork out of choosing the technology that is right for your organization. All of the tools and subscriptions we present to our clients are best in breed solutions, ones that we are certified and highly trained in.

But our biggest value is the services, experience, and guidance that we offer to our clients. In fact, the greatest compliment we can receive is when our clients tell us that we have become a part of THEIR team. That they truly feel everyone is working together towards a common goal. These are the relationships that we strive to build with all of our clients, ones built on a strong foundation of trust and crystal clear communication.


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