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Business Intelligence (BI)

Make Data-Driven Decisions with Business Intelligence

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Welcome to the future of technology, where AI leads the way on developing big picture analytics and BI (Business Intelligence) is responsible for reducing costs, increasing your capabilities, and providing you with the opportunity to scale at any rate. In other words, BI is the technologies, applications, and practices used for gathering, storing, analyzing, and then implementing and iterating on your organization’s data.

We’re excited to introduce to you our newest service offering: Business Intelligence consulting. Take the guesswork out of your data. With our BI Readiness Assessment, SQL Server Assessment, & SQL Monitoring Subscription service, we have your business covered from the ground up.

BI is not a single piece of software or one person pouring over your data. BI is the overarching process of continually collecting data, analyzing it, and using the information you discover to drive better business decisions. It’s never-ending, but it is absolutely your leg up on the competition.


BI Readiness Assessment

With the BI Readiness Assessment, our team will help you create a solid roadmap of data practices and technologies for your business.
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SQL Server Check

ITP promotes stability, reliability, scalability, continuity, recoverability, and customizations within your environment. Our SQL Server Check helps you get there.
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The SQL Server Monitoring Subscription

A real-time SQL monitoring tool offered by ITP. The SQL Monitoring Service is continuously assessing the health of your data environment and reporting on any trouble areas.
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