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IT consulting and services involves many risks, but with ITP, we’ll offer you our expertise at no risk, no obligation, and completely free of charge. Other IT consulting, IT support or technical solutions firms charge clients up to $1000 for an assessment this thorough – but our focus is on finding practical technical solutions for our clients. Complete the form below to request your assessment!

Quickly identify:

  • Vulnerabilities and security risks
  • Licensing overages
  • Network inefficiencies, and much more

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How can the ITP Assessment help your company?

ITP will conduct an assessment of your organization’s current IT systems, budgeting, or long-term planning and processes. Our assessment is completed on-site with you, by one of our professional and experienced staff members. Our objective is to provide deeper insight into your IT environment or to address a specific need or concern. 

Your organization can benefit from an objective viewpoint of IT systems, planning and processes. Here are some of the common reasons why you should consider ITP’s free assessment:

  • You experience struggles with day-to-day IT.
  • You believe your IT is already best-in-class, but want validation that nothing has been overlooked.
  • Your company has recently changed IT leadership or staff, and you need a greater understanding of the IT environment.
  • You are unsure if your technology is configured and running properly or following best practices.

ITP’s assessment was the perfect solution for the firm to check and understand the performance of our technology. We were given an outside perspective of our systems and informed of what was working well and what wasn’t. The assessment even showed us that the current security on our network was not as safe as it should have been, which definitely saved us from a lot of problems in the future. And best of all, our assessment was free, and you can’t beat that.

Eric Ristau, Shareholder & Attorney, Eustice, Laffey, Sebranek & Auby


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