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Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Meet the next generation of public and private cloud technology. Imagine seamless storage, compute and network. ITP is at the forefront of this modern infrastructure solution, we are some of the first MSPs in the nation to deploy this solution.

Despite how complex it sounds… hyperconverged is incredibly SIMPLE. Here’s why we love it:  It’s often more cost-effective, has less moving parts (read: fewer things that can go wrong), and it’s incredibly easy to deploy. Overall hyper-converged infrastructure provides you with a smaller footprint and savings in power.

You don’t need to be a storage or virtualization expert to set up or use these tools. This solution makes it easy to choose the applications your business needs, and deploy them at scale and following configuration best practices.

“I just want my infrastructure to work and be easy to use” – Does this sound familiar? Then you’ll love this integrated, fully supported and near zero-maintenance solution.

Meet the components of this solution

  • Nutanix: Software-driven private cloud and compute. Migrate applications, workloads, and business data effortlessly across cloud environments.
  • Scale Computing: The industry leader in complete hyper-converged solutions with thousands of deployments spanning from the SMB to the distributed enterprise. Driven by patented technologies, HC3 systems install in minutes, can be expanded without downtime, self-heal from failures, and automatically optimize workloads to maximize price-performance.
  • HPE Composable Fabric: Smart network switches that auto-configure and can dynamically change network fabric in real-time. Their single pane of glass fabric heat map allows you to identify and resolve network traffic issues quickly.
  • Rubrik: Back up with near-zero recovery time, and instant application availability. No matter the attack, you can resume business within minutes.

I am so pleased with the smooth transition to the Nutanix hyperconverged hardware. Your team has risen to every challenge, kept me informed, supported my team, and made this the smoothest and quickest transition to a new server architecture / environment that I have ever witnessed in my career.

Rob S, IT Director - GA Larson


Hyperconverged Case Study

Aging servers that were failing daily meant that this overworked Network Administrator had little time for anything but reactive repairs. He was working 80+ hours a week just trying to keep the massive platform afloat, canceling plans with friends and family to make sure the network was running and secure. See how ITP helped this stressed-out Network Administrator migrate to all new Hyperconverged systems, freeing up his workday for proactive projects and giving him better work-life balance.
Access the Hyperconverged Case Study >>>

Hyperconverged Case Study: SLED

This Wisconsin city has a one-man IT department, constantly under pressure to maintain a network thousands of citizens depend on every day. In 2018, the SAN began running out of space and needed to be upgraded along with the hypervisor and host servers. The $150,000 cost to replace everything was prohibitively expensive for the city’s limited IT budget. See how ITP provided an affordable solution and the team to implement and support it.
Access the SLED Hyperconverged Case Study >>>


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