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Whether you’re looking for a specialized consultant by the hour, a full-time hire, or something in between, our hiring experts can help you find the right people for your technology team. Leverage Information Technology Professional’s in-depth and highly specialized experience and knowledge of attracting, vetting, hiring and retaining IT personnel. We’ll help you find the correct balance of skill set, experience, and cultural fit to form harmonious technical teams.

We’ll be your trusted advisor and an invaluable resource for the entirety of the hiring process. From writing job descriptions, to attracting qualified individuals, interviewing and selecting candidates, our staffing services are highly comprehensive. ITP takes the work out of making smart hires.

IT Hiring & Staffing

We believe investing in the people behind your technology is just as important as the technology itself.

Find the Perfect Fit. Our IT staffing and consulting services will match you with highly qualified, right-sized candidates that fit your team needs, technological environment and culture. We can help you hire:

CIO / IT Executive – the leader of the pack, with the experience and know-how to take your IT success to the next level. Guaranteed senior level expertise and technical background.

Network & System Administrators – the caretakers of the heart of your technology. From day-to-day monitoring, maintenance, and growth of your technology environment, these individuals are focused on making your infrastructure run smoothly.

Security Specialists – focused on protecting and improving existing security systems, this individual performs technology risk assessments, monitors threats and vulnerabilities, creates and supports solid security policies.

Network Engineers – the Swiss Army Knife of IT. Hardware or software – this individual can identify and solve problems creatively and quickly. We’ll ensure they have the technical skills and certifications that your environment requires.

Support Desk – friendly support for your employees. Whether it’s a password reset, or a desktop set up, this individual provides stellar technical service to internal constituents.


ITP has over 15 years of experience hiring and retaining top IT talent. We pride ourselves on attracting talent that has an excellent technical background, who are a match for your team and your office environment. When a candidate fits an organization on both a skill and personal level, they have the potential to have high levels of success and contribute positively to more than one area of the organization.

Paul Hager, Owner & CEO of Information Technology Professionals


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