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It’s incredibly challenging for a business to stay ahead of the demands of the ever-changing world of IT. There are simply too many new developments and looming security threats for a business owner, CFO or IT leader to navigate confidently. Outsourced IT strategy allows an organization the best of both world – the ability to focus on their business operations, while still prioritizing technology initiatives with an expert on hand.




IT Consulting Services

With ITP’s Strategic IT and CIO Services, you’ll receive IT planning and guidance on the best methods for handling existing technology, IT resources, and new initiatives. Strategic and Customized Recommendations for:

  • IT Budgeting
  • Project Roadmaps
  • Upgrade Planning & Vendor Selection

You’ll have access to help from our CIO professionals who have led IT departments to unprecedented levels of success across various industries. We’ll help you review your operational and capital IT expenditures, budget, ensure security compliance, and much more. Our team of strategic IT experts will help you choose technology initiatives that will serve your businesses needs now and down the road. Thoughtful and long-term planning is an invaluable resource that we can provide for your organization.

It is very rare that a managed service provider truly understands our business and industry, and serves us with technology that makes sense for our operations. With ITP, it’s not about the newest vendor or shiniest technology, it needs to be a good fit for our business. My ITP contact helps me focus our initiatives based on our current needs and future growth.”

Jim Warner – Chief Technology and Security Officer, State Collections


Secrets to Better IT Budgeting Webinar

The budget is one of your most powerful tools. When used correctly, it can secure great rewards for your business. But when it comes to budgeting for IT, things can get a little tricky. Watch this webinar to learn a few secrets about IT budgeting. We cover who should be involved in creating the budget and when is the most effective time to get started. We’ll also help you distinguish between capital & operational expenses, and how organizations leverage outsourced resources to maximize their IT budgets.

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