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It’s an IT Hiring Crisis: Too Many Openings, Too Few Candidates

Good Help Is Hard To Find We hate being the bearer of bad news, but if you’re looking for IT staff to hire, it won’t be easy. Basically, there’s a drought of IT talent. It’s the lowest unemployment rate in IT in the last 20 years. Experts believe there will soon be 8 IT jobs […]

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IT Budget Resources to Help Your Business Succeed

No one enjoys spending money. Yes, it’s nice to have new products and services, but in general, people want to hold onto their greenbacks for important purchases and unexpected costs. That’s why having an IT budget is so important to the success of your business. It’s Officially IT Budget Season Remember, budgeting season doesn’t have […]

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The Struggle for Great IT Talent

Having trouble keeping your IT team staffed? You are far from alone. Many SMBs have issues retaining top technical talent, and the reasons why are not surprising. Churn is a constant and expensive issue among small and medium businesses. To make matters worse, costs of hiring and training new talent makes nearly impossible to stay in front […]

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The Greatest Mistake IT Managers Make

…is failing to keep management informed. If you’re an IT manager, administrator, or anyone who does technical work and reports to non-technical management, you’re responsible to give management insight into the status of the systems you manage. Here’s why: Non-technical managers don’t know what good IT looks like, how to measure it, or how to analyze […]

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Untangling the True Goals of IT Consulting

In the technology side of SMB world, things have gotten a little sideways. IT consultants seem to have strayed (for understandable reasons, I think), from the goal of serving people. Let me explain… There is a symbiotic relationship between IT consulting and the SMB community. The SMB community can’t function at the highest level without […]

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#$&*!…. IT Is Frustrating.

When was the last time you heard any (or all of) these phrases? Whether you are an IT manager, director, consultant…it’s probably not the first time and it definitely won’t be the last. IT is frustrating. Period. “I’m sorry, but those systems aren’t compatible, you’ll need to upgrade your software, first.” “The problem isn’t something we […]

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Five Signs Your IT Person (or staff) is Top Notch

Do you have stellar IT staff and team members? Here’s five signs that you do: You know what they’re doing. Good IT requires good communication – there’s no way around it. This communication needs to come from the IT. team in a way that is structured and consumable by management. To do this, IT teams […]

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The One IT Role SMB Desperately Needs…

…is the Business Analyst. The Business Analyst is a combination of a detective and translator. These individuals take business problems and they figure out the process, tools, information, services, etc. necessary to fix the problem. In today’s business world, the answer to most business problems involves I.T. at some level. The Business Analyst takes the business […]

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Technology Consulting for Law Practices in Wisconsin

As legal professionals, you have better things to do than worry about the ins and outs of information technology. No one has more expertise in technology consulting than Information Technology Professionals, as 8 of Wisconsin’s largest law firms trust ITP with their data and technology. Since our founding in 2003, no one has understood the […]

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