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Seven Things to Know about Office 365

This is the part where we tell you something awesome about Microsoft’s flagship product: Office 365. For example, in late 2017, Office 365 (O365) cleared the 50% threshold for market share around the world. Half of all businesses were using O365, and that number has only grown in 2018. But that’s not why you’re here. […]

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Easy as ABC: Hyperconverged Solutions for Schools & Local Government

Scale Computing can bring Hyperconverged within reach Just because you have a small IT team doesn’t mean you can’t have a rockstar IT infrastructure that runs on a hyperconverged network. When time and resources are limited, you don’t want to spend either on managing a complex system. With Scale Computing, highly available, reliable, high performing, […]

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To the Cloud! with Nutanix

A Deep Dive into Hyperconverged for Healthcare Organizations The cloud can be an intimidating buzzword, especially considering all of the sensitive data healthcare organizations house and maintain. Meet Nutanix, the leader in Hyperconverged Infrastructure. In this ITP webinar, we’ll cover how healthcare organizations are leveraging the hybrid cloud to power critical applications. We’ll provide real-world […]

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Meet Scale: Hyperconverged for the Rest of Us

Simple. Powerful. Hyperconverged. Introducing Scale Computing – leaders in the hyperconverged solutions for small and medium sized business. Our team at Information Technology Professionals is excited to offer all the benefits of hyperconverged to companies who previously could not take on this upgrade. Scale Computing was founded with a focus to serve an underserved segment […]

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Where Does Box Stack Up Against DropBox?

By now, we all know that cloud storage is here to stay in the marketplace. The convenience of being able to access your files from any device with added features like web applications, mobile applications, administrative consoles and more often makes cloud storage a “no-brainer” for many businesses. However, there are also a plethora of options in […]

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Windows 10 is In the Wild; What Should You Do?

Windows 10 is here and unless your PC is under a rock, it has started consistently nagging you for some time about being released. As a Microsoft partner, we have been watching the development of Windows 10 codename “threshold.” Windows has undoubtedly released some excellent operating systems in its time. Windows 3.1 was revolutionary in […]

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IT Pros Partners With Flash Storage Leader

IT Pros, an Inc. 5000 managed services provider, begins a new journey and partnership with Pure Storage, the leading all-flash storage company. Pure Storage has seen enormous growth since its founding in 2009 and that growth has led to them receiving a number of impressive accolades along the way. From being a leader in Gartner’s […]

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When Disaster Strikes: Looking to the Cloud for Business Continuity

It’s a Monday afternoon. Calls are rolling in, there are countless voicemails to respond to, and business is humming along. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, Courtney the sales manager knocks on your door with a perplexed look on her face. “Do you know what’s wrong with the phone system?” Courtney asks. “There’s no dial tone, […]

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Cloud Storage and the Goldilocks Principle.

When it comes to getting things done, people tend to take the path of least resistance. It’s just human behavior. Sharing and syncing files at work is no different. As a business user, you want a file sharing solution that’s quick and easy to use. In fact, 68% of employees store work related files on personal […]

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ICYMI: ‘Networking in the Cloud’

Missed Madison’s After Work Network presentation on Networking in the Cloud? Check out this video, as Paul Hager recorded his presentation for those of you who couldn’t make it: Video Transcription: Alright, we’re going to be talking about networking in the cloud today. This is a replay of the Madison After Work Network event that […]

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