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E-Cycling Your Old Electronics – Saving the Earth One Device at a Time

E-Cycling is the Trend to Jump On this Earth Day!

As we continue through the technological revolution, one technological constant never changes. To function, tech devices require software and hardware. While software is growing and evolving at astounding rates, the hardware is still made up of the precious metals that require maintenance and replacement as they age. The best way to dispose of those materials is e-cycling.

E-Cycling is very important for the environment!

The growth in tech products is a large reason electronics is one of the fastest growing waste streams, at 3-5% each year, according to a 2015 Waste Streams study. While household appliances and other consumer goods, like fridges and washers, have always represented a 2-3% share of all recycled items, electronics have grown rapidly due to increased business use. The biggest contributor to that growth? Increased use and updating of consumer and business IT and telecommunications equipment. This equipment checks in at 21% of electronics waste, making it around 1% of all our trash.

You may be surprised to learn your electronics contain quite a few potentially hazardous elements, like lead and mercury. These materials pose a threat to the environment and to other people if not disposed of properly. In fact, many of the valuable materials can be repurposed in new and refurbished electronic devices. Throughout the year, a number of local organization hold E-Cycling events. For our Wisconsin clients, the Wisconsin DNR has taken the lead, setting up numerous locations that accept old electronics year-round. This includes computers, TVs, cell phones, servers, cords, and cable, basically everything that sits around your office and house taking up space.

Instead of chucking those old items, we encourage you to recycle them instead!

We’re also proud to work with Ingram Micro, one of many businesses leading the way in electronics recycling. ­They believe it’s not only the right thing to do, but it makes good business sense, and we agree. So, when the time comes to update and replace IT assets, we’re here to help you dispose of the materials properly. Together, we can make a difference.

Happy Earth Day!

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