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Encouraging more Women to work in STEM

Nutanix among many Tech innovators to encourage more Women in STEM fields

This year, Nutanix set an aggressive 3-day goal at their .NEXT conference to raise $10,000 for a number of great causes. The majority of donations were allocated to support charities advancing women in STEM. While we were at the conference, we had the pleasure of participating and contributing to the cause.

The conference helped raise awareness for a number of great causes that strive to bring more women to traditionally male fields, including Girls in Tech and Tech Girlz. Nutanix works with Girls in Tech to support their events, hackathons, global online classroom, and their mentoring program. Meanwhile, Nutanix has supported TechGirlz, leveraging their curriculum in workshops presented to local middle school GAINS girls.

Nutanix is championing women in STEM fields.

Throughout the conference, vendors, sponsors, and attendees acquired poker chips that could then be used to support the charity of that person’s choosing. Vendors with booths at the conference received poker chips as donation swag. Vendors then chose the charity they best aligned with to donate their chips. It was an excellent concept, and thanks to the support of all the teams at the conference, Nutanix was able to exceed its $10,000 goal.

While this initiative and many recent trends show encouraging growth for women in tech, there is still a long way to go. For example, between 2012 and 2014, the number of Female CIOs in Fortune 500 companies jumped from 61 to 87 (up 43% during that time). This is a great shift, but the genders are still far from equal, with a near 5:1 ratio of male to female CIOs.

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