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The Connection Between Technology and the Human Touch …

When it comes to IT Support & IT Consulting in the healthcare industry, electronic medical records are just one small piece of a complex and ever-evolving puzzle. The modernization of all aspects of managing and delivering care – and coordinating the dedicated staff who provide that care – has driven rapid advances in technology. And perhaps in no other industry are the stakes as high as they are in healthcare for accuracy, connectedness and reliability.

With Information Technology Professionals as your trusted partner, you can focus on the critically important aspects of patient care while minimizing the risk of downtime and disconnection.

A solution for every role.

CEO / Owner

CEO / Owner

With your eyes firmly on the big picture – especially in healthcare – you can rest assured we’re singularly focused on all of your technology needs. From connection to compliance and everything in between, we’ll help you meet and manage the complexities of a rapidly changing technology and care landscape. With Information Technology Professionals as your partner, we’ll help you:

  • Best structure and manage your full spectrum of technology needs
  • Keep your team connected to the technology needed to do their best work
  • Ensure compliance, security, efficiency and profitability



In juggling the financial complexities of the ever-evolving healthcare landscape, we know your hands are full. Let us deliver comprehensive IT solutions – integrated systems, streamlined services and top-notch tools – so you can focus on securing your best bottom line. With Information Technology Professionals as your partner, we’ll help you:

  • Create systems and solutions that help drive growth and profitability
  • Maximize efficiency while ensuring security and compliance
  • Ensure a fully connected and cohesive enterprise

COO / Director of Operations

COO / Director of Operations

Inefficiency and downtime are the enemies of smooth operations. They deliver major negative impacts in any industry, but especially in the world of medicine and healthcare. When it needs to be all systems go all of the time, you can rely on us as a trusted technology partner. With Information Technology Professionals on your team, we’ll help you:

  • Create IT solutions that are fully integrated with all operations for maximum functionality and efficiency
  • Keep your team connected to the technology needed to do their best work
  • Free up your time for all of the other important aspects of your job

IT Leader

IT Leader

In healthcare, you can’t afford to be stuck in maintenance mode. People, systems and services need to be fully functional and operating at peak performance all day, every day. Let us help you build the solutions you need to take your IT to the next level. With Information Technology Professionals as your partner, we’ll help you:

  • Fully evaluate and align all of your IT systems with overall business and operational needs and goals
  • Implement and maintain an IT infrastructure you need to ensure security and compliance
  • Maximize efficiency and profitability while avoiding critical downtime

IT Manager

IT Manager

Your IT needs require all hands on deck, and we’ve got a few extra hands. Some days, updating, upgrading and troubleshooting leave little time for anything else. If you’ve wondered if there is a better way, the answer is yes. With Information Technology Professionals as your partner, we’ll help you:

  • Take care of daily details while always keeping an eye on the big picture
  • Implement and maintain comprehensive, reliable and fully up-to-date systems
  • Emphasize security, efficiency and compliance while avoiding critical downtime

Office Manager

Office Manager

Relationships built on trust are a critical element of any business, and this is especially true in the healthcare industry. When you need a technology partner you can rely on for everything from the most complex infrastructure to the smallest tech tools, we’ll be here. With Information Technology Professionals on your team:

  • You can rest assured that IT needs are covered, so you can focus on all the other important aspects of your job
  • You’re getting a team of dedicated technology professionals who speak the language of your industry and your business
  • You can count on us for honesty and open communication on every project, every single day

My ITP engineer is fantastic to work with, our IT Team likes working with him, and he works well with our users as well.  He has the ability to walk up to someone and really put them at ease.  He is a great fit with our company.

- Kerra Guffey, Chief Administrative Officer at Forward Health Group


Medical Case Study

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Medical Webinar

Meet the modern healthcare organization. Powered by cloud technology, modern organizations are leveraging the right technology tools to boost productivity and security to their operations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. See how healthcare organizations are modernizing patient care securely and affordably.

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