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When you’re laser focused on running your business and serving your clients, shifting gears to IT can feel like trying to understand a foreign language. Luckily, we speak that language. For us, connection is not just about integrated systems, streamlined services and the cloud. While these are important aspects of what we do, we are first and foremost good listeners and creative thinkers.

Let Information Technology Professionals serve as your MSP & information technology translator, transforming complex systems and strategies into solutions that help fuel growth, manage talent and drive profitability.

A solution for every role.

Office Manager / Legal Administrator

Office Manager / Legal Administrator

Relationships built on trust are a critical element of any business, and this is especially true when your business depends on excellent client service. To ensure all systems run smoothly, you need a technology partner you can rely on for everything from the most complex infrastructure to the smallest tech tools. With Information Technology Professionals on your team:

  • You can rest assured that IT needs are covered and focus on all the other important aspects of your job
  • You can count on us for honesty and open communication on every project, every single day
  • You get a team of dedicated technology professionals who also speak the language of your industry and your business

Owner / Managing Partner

Owner / Managing Partner

Where else could you turn your attention if  your IT needs were covered? How can IT help you securely streamline all of your systems, from running financials to managing talent? We help alleviate IT challenges so business leaders can focus on what they do best – leading. With Information Technology Professionals as your partner, we’ll help you:

  • Best manage your full spectrum of technology needs
  • Ensure uptime, directly impacting your business’ efficiency and profitability
  • Provide the right tools, resources and support for you and your staff so time and attention can be devoted to the work at hand

IT Manager

IT Manager

Some days, updating, upgrading and troubleshooting leave little time for anything else. If you’ve wondered if there is a better way, the answer is yes. With Information Technology Professionals as your partner, we’ll help you:

  • Look at daily details while always keeping an eye on the big picture
  • Implement and maintain comprehensive, reliable and fully up-to-date systems
  • Emphasize security, efficiency and compliance while avoiding costly downtime and delays

IT Leader

IT Leader

To keep businesses running smoothly, people, systems and services need to be fully functional and operating at peak performance all day, every day. In today’s workplace, this is impossible without the right IT infrastructure and systems. Let us help you complete projects and support the users and tools in your environment. With Information Technology Professionals as your partner, we’ll help you:

  • Look at daily details while always keeping an eye on the big picture
  • Fully evaluate and align all of your IT systems with overall business and operational needs and goals
  • Implement and maintain an IT infrastructure that maximizes efficiency, profitability and growth

It is very rare that a managed service provider truly understands our business and industry, and serves us with technology that makes sense for our operations. With ITP, it’s not about the newest vendor or shiniest technology, it needs to be a good fit for our business. My ITP contact helps me focus our initiatives based on our current needs and future growth.

Jim Warner, Chief Technology and Security Officer, State Collections


Professional Services Case Study

In a highly-regulated industry, rolling out new technology takes time and careful planning. Keeping up with technology developments can often take years. See how network management and terminal services allow this professional services client to remain nimble and make technology changes with ease.

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Microsoft Office 365 Case Study

An impending business merger and desire for consistent technology was the catalyst for a migration to Office 365. This upgrade included licensing, installation, email migration, and on-going technical support. With project management and guidance from ITP’s team of engineers, the client’s internal technology team was able to focus on other technical aspects of the merger and maintaining their day-to-day IT operations.

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Microsoft Azure Case Study

From the onset, this client’s primary IT challenge was and is data storage as a service. As the client has grown, they’ve faced additional storage scalability hurdles, and ITP has helped them navigate their transition to the Cloud, all while remaining within their budget.

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IT Security Landscape in Wisconsin Law Firms

How does your law firm compare? This white paper highlights the cybersecurity preparations and investments law firms are making, their cloud adoption rate, and forecasts for IT training and spending in the coming year. See how your law firm compares in this comprehensive white paper.

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