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November has been an absolute blast for our staff, with a handful of networking and volunteering events throughout the month.

Easterseals Annual Gala

In the first week of November, we were honored to be a part of the annual charity gala for the Easterseals of Southeast Wisconsin. Easterseals provides a wide range of services for over a million children and adults with disabilities nationwide. They seek to make profound and positive differences in the lives of those they help, and they aim to change the way the world sees people with disabilities. Our team enjoyed the thrilling auctioneer, tasty dinner, and great company, and we very much look forward to the cookies each year!

At the Easterseals Annual Gala, our ITP team was treated to the tastiest cookies in all of Wisconsin!

At the Easterseals Annual Gala, ITP was treated to the tastiest cookies in all of Wisconsin!

Volunteering with the Special Olympics

This past weekend, our Madison team was able to help volunteer at the State Bowling Championships for the Special Olympics. The competitors brought smiles to our team’s faces all day long, as we fully embraced the spirit of giving and teamwork that Special Olympics inspires. The day was all about making our community and neighborhood a more welcoming and accepting place for people of all abilities, and we had a blast with the participants.

ITP volunteering at the Special Olympics State Bowling tournament.

ITP volunteering at the Special Olympics State Bowling tournament.

Brewtanix – Free Beer with Nutanix

Over the past few weeks, our team traveled to each market to bring more beer to the great people of Wisconsin. In our experience, beer helps the technology budgeting season flow a little smoother. And just like a 2019 budget, this offer for free beer was good for the whole year. We were joined for several fantastic talks on hyperconverged with the Nutanix team, who shared insights on the future of data storage over the tasty brews.

One of the Brewtanix set-ups, this one at Mob Craft in Milwaukee!

An IRL Virtual Golf Outing

Talk about your oxymorons, but the amazing technology at Vitense Golfland in Madison will do that to you! During this networking happy hour, we introduced attendees to the SMB industry leader in complete hyperconverged solutions, Scale Computing. With thousands of deployments spanning from the SMB to the distributed enterprise, the Scale Computing team talked through their hyperconverged solutions for SMBs.

ITP & Scale Computing enjoy a hyperconverged networking session!

Special shout out to Vitense Golfland for their awesome virtual / real golf combination technology!

Last but not least, Free Coffee!

It may not be the biggest event in the world, but we enjoyed a free cup of joe in celebration of Thank your Lawyer Day! Here’s our marketing guy with the big thumbs up!

ITP celebrating Thank Your Lawyer Day

Who can say no to free coffee? Not this guy!

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