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Meet Microsoft 365 Webinar

We think it’ll be music to your ears.

Join our team on Thursday, March 1st at 1PM for a 1 hour training session, all about Microsoft 365. We’ll discuss this new Microsoft offering and why we think it’s worthy of a #MicrosoftMicDrop.

Here’s what is included in the Microsoft 365 package:

  • Office 365: the tools you know and love, now in the cloud
  • Windows 10: the latest operating system, working in harmony with all of your devices
  • Security: Powered by EMS – the Enterprise Mobility Suite
  • Cloud Accessibility: facilitate effortless team work in the cloud

This session will highlight all of the individual components of Microsoft 365 and share how this combination will make your life easier and power productivity for your employees. We’ll talk through security, cloud accessibility, and much more.

Event Details
Day: March 1st
Time: 1-2PM CDT
Where: Skype – register below to get the join link
Cost: FREE

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