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Microsoft 365: Focus on Security

You wouldn’t leave your doors unlocked…

So, why wouldn’t you keep your files safe with top-notch security?

Meet #MicrosoftMicDrop, the answer to keeping your company data secure. Whether confidential materials are kept on desktop or mobile, there’s no stranger danger here!

You’re probably wondering what a “#MicrosoftMicDrop” is…

Well, it’s our way of saying it’s a best-in-class technology solution for your company. Meet Microsoft 365. The latest package from Microsoft… and we think it’s the last license you’ll ever need to power productivity and provide total security for your users.

Let’s focus in on security for a moment.

EMS stands for Enterprise Mobility Suite – and it’s just one component of Microsoft 365 – but a really important aspect of the package. Businesses today are facing a constantly evolving set of potential threats. Where do you even begin to protect the devices and flow of information in and out of your network? EMS is integrated security across all of your devices and applications. It allows you to monitor, identify and stomp out threats quickly. Take a proactive approach to security with EMS – part of the new Microsoft 365 license.

Read more about EMS:

But wait there’s more…

Besides amazing security, you get Office 365, Windows 10, simplicity and accessibility to your work from almost anywhere.

Why should you be concerned about keeping your files secure?

  • 43% of cyber attacks target small businesses
  • 37% of the global workforce is mobile
  • 58% of workers have accidentally shared sensitive data with the wrong person

With Microsoft 365, your files are safe & secure. Period. Now that’s a #MicrosoftMicDrop.

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