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Microsoft Code of Conduct Update Incoming

For all of our avid Microsoft users – which is the majority of our clients – an update to the Code of Conduct will be rolled out on May 1.

What does that mean for you?

Nothing if you’re an upstanding user, one who never curses or lies. But if you’re a potty-mouth or a scammer, be ready for a potential suspension or banishment from Microsoft services, including eliminating any current services and content licenses you’ve purchased.

Microsoft Code of Conduct Update Inbound

In an update coming out on May 1, 2018, Microsoft will be cracking down on profanity, phishing, and scamming in the code of conduct.

Simply put, if you break the new Microsoft rules, the big tech provider has the ability to cancel your accounts and keep your credits and digital purchases as part of the punishment. So, the access to your Creative Cloud account that allows you to access Photoshop and Illustrator? Gone when you decide to share that lewd content publicly. Your X-Box Gold membership? Gone when you drop a few unnecessary F-Bombs after the brutal Fortnite elimination. Your discreet Skype conversations with your significant lover on the other side of the country? Probably okay, unless one of you decides to send sultry information to Microsoft directly.

How do I avoid this banishment, you ask?

Easy. Don’t do anything illegal! That means don’t spam people for their information, don’t go phishing for personal details, and don’t do anything that presents harm to minors. Basically, don’t violate the privacy of others.

While this update applies to all Microsoft products, the initial crackdown will be felt most on Xbox Live, where most adult-to-minor interactions occur. Currently, if you’re online, it’s virtually impossible to determine the age of the other users you’re engaging with. Because of this, keeping language clean is a top Microsoft priority, as your profanity-laden tirade against that gamer who keeps taking you out may be landing on youthful ears.

That said, these rules will also apply to other services, including Skype and OneDrive. For these other platforms, the rules are very similar. Don’t publicly display or share inappropriate information, content or material. These rules apply to nudity and offensive language, as well as spamming. However, for private conversations, it would require a “whistleblower” to get you banned, so those personal, discreet Skype conversations with your boyfriend should be okay unless you really tick him off!

In general, this is a simple update to adhere to, as it is only an extension of the golden rule. Be nice to others, offline and online. If you can do that simple task, you’ll be in good shape.

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