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What We Learned at Nutanix .NEXT Conference 2018 in New Orleans

Having Fun and Getting $#!+ Done in the Big Easy

Our team enjoyed a fantastic week down in the Big Easy at the annual Nutanix .NEXT conference. We returned to Wisconsin with a number of takeaways.

Nutanix continues to lead the way in hyper-converged infrastructure. Their hardware and software portfolio is growing. Last week, Nutanix announced the launch of a number of new products and features within their environment. This includes new software to help channel partners keep public cloud costs down, a “time-machine” database, and their first ever SaaS solution (Beam).

What did Nutanix Unveil?

Let’s first talk about Beam for a hot minute. The multi-cloud optimization service is positioned to provide immense value to end-users. It is part of the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS, and helps provide rich analytics to help optimize costs across multiple cloud environments, like AWS & Azure, or on-premise with a new plugin for Nutanix Prism. The dashboard looks intuitive and provides intelligent planning strategies, helping businesses identify underutilized or unused cloud services. Ultimately, Beam seeks to help you maintain a high level of cloud cost efficiency by mapping all data into the singular platform.

While Nutanix Flow didn’t bring about the same sort of digital fanfare as Beam, it looks to be an equally valuable update for customers. Flow is the company’s new software-defined networking offering for multi-cloud environments. Flow simplifies your policy and app management, as it enables independent governing of apps and environments outside of the physical infrastructure. This integrates with Calm, Prism and AHV virtualization, allowing easy “one-click” simplicity to networking and security. If you want to learn more, check out Nutanix’s Go with the Flow blog.

Nutanix also announced the upcoming roll-out of Era, a new set of enterprise cloud PaaS offerings that automate and simplify your database management. Era brings one-click simplicity and invisible operations to database provisioning and lifecycle management. While Era is not live currently, the solution enables admins to provision, clone, refresh and restore their databases to any point in time. This helps cut down admin use time significantly and with it the cost of managing your databases. Included in Era, is Nutanix’s new “time-machine.” The feature enables application developers to quickly select the specific database copy they’re looking for to easily restore or refresh at any time, a valuable addition to any IT manager’s arsenal. If you want to hear directly from Nutanix on these new offerings, check out their blog now.

How was the New Orleans Atmosphere?

Lastly, we learned that the Nutanix team can really bring it. We loved the New Orleans flair and conference experience from start to finish, highlighted by Kool and the Gang at the Mardi Gras celebration. The speakers and environment was a perfect fit for the .NEXT conference and attendees. We also loved getting everyone on site to share their best Wisconsin accent with us, check out the compilation video!

We’re very much looking forward to seeing how the new Nutanix products work in practice, so if you’re interested in talking with our team about them, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

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