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Five Reasons To Outsource Your IT Department

Join us for a panel of Wisconsin executives who have made the change to a completely outsourced IT department. Hear directly from business leaders why they decided to make the change, and what short and long-term advantages of this approach. This webinar will be a 30-minute panel discussion with no sales, just value for those interested in learning more about this approach.

The panel will discuss the critical decision points:

  • When – Is the infrastructure of your organization changing dramatically? Are you experiencing a dramatic increase in IT support costs? These are typical signs that the time is right to outsource the IT department.
  • How – What will change immediately, and what initiatives will be rolled out over time? Our panelists will touch on what projects took the back burner during the transition, and which changes took the highest priority.
  • Why – What are the short term and long term benefits of this approach. We’ll discuss why organizations choose this approach and the larger impact it has on the organization.

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