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Five Reasons To Outsource Your IT Department

Unsure about whether to outsource your IT? Listen to an IT executive who took the plunge tell why they did – and how it changed their organization.

Hear from April Dichraff, VP of IT at Wisconsin’s premiere homebuilder, Veridian Homes. She’ll share insight into the decision to leverage outside IT support to supplement her team and the impact it has had on the organization as a whole.

Explore the short- and long-term advantages of leveraging outsourced IT resources to accelerate your technology initiatives. Walk away with a clearer picture of what outsourced IT could look like in your company.

The Q&A will cover critical decision points for outsourcing:

  • When – Is the infrastructure of your organization changing dramatically? Are you experiencing a major increase in IT support costs? These are typical signs it’s the right time to outsource the IT department.
  • How – What will change immediately, and what initiatives will be rolled out over time? Our panelist will touch on what projects took the back burner during the transition, and which changes were the highest priority.
  • Why – What are the benefits of this approach? We’ll discuss why organizations choose to outsource and the larger impact it has on the organization.

About April Dichraff: As Vice President of Human Resources, Administration & Information Technology for Veridian Homes and its sister company Marshall Towne Millwork, April Dichraff translates the strategic and tactical business plans into HR operational plans. April also is responsible for the leadership and strategic direction of Information Technology. In the HR position, she evaluates and advises on the impact of new programs/strategies and regulatory action as those items impact the attraction, motivation, development and retention of the people resources of the Company. April joined Veridian in 2004, and has over 20 years of experience in Human Resources.

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