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When Disaster Strikes: Cloud Backup and DR Planning

Losing your data or applications can take the wind right out of your sails, quickly bringing your business to a grinding halt. Whether it’s a natural (tornado or flood) or a digital (an accidental deletion or ransomware) disaster, risks to your technology and infrastructure are always looming. Where do you even start to protect yourself?

Join Information Technology Professionals (ITP) and leading experts from Veeam for an intensive session on cloud backups and disaster recovery. This 30-minute webinar is designed specifically to help small and medium-sized businesses prepare for all aspects of a disaster.

You’ll learn how to:
• Get both physical and virtual backups offsite
• Replicate VMs (virtual machines) without the cost and complexity of building (and maintaining!) your own offsite infrastructure
• Backup and replicate to the cloud quickly and securely

Leave with tools and tips for protecting your technology from natural and digital disasters. On-premise, cloud, or hybrid – we’ll help you determine the right combination for your business applications and data. Plus, we’ll share a few rules of thumb for disaster recovery.

Don’t let your company fall prey to an IT catastrophe. Watch it now!

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