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4 Predictions for the Microsoft Inspire Conference

Insight Into the World’s Largest Gathering of Microsoft Partners

Las VegasInspire is Microsoft’s global partner conference July 14-18 in Las Vegas – and as a Microsoft Gold Partner, ITP will be there! As we look forward to this exciting event, our CEO Paul Hager reveals what he believes will be the hot topics on the agenda.


Paul’s Predictions

1. Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella will be awesome.

Satya NadellaThere are few CEOs as dynamic as Satya, and when he speaks, the market listens. Hearing him speak is always the highlight our team looks forward to. He’ll advise us on digital transformation that Microsoft is leading and that we, as partners, are a part of. He’ll talk about where he sees IT going. Microsoft is one of the largest tech companies in the world and he’s at the helm. Whether you’re at the event or not, following what he says in his keynote is a really big deal. You can live stream Satya’s keynote from anywhere in the world right here.

2. The conversation around AI and machine learning will continue.

Interest in AI and machine learning is exploding – and they’re becoming an ever-more-prevalent part of our everyday life. The Inspire Conference will wrangle with questions like:

  • How are AI and machine learning being done on the Microsoft Azure cloud?
  • How will we wrap digital ethics around AI and machine learning?
  • How do protect the data being collected by these technologies?
  • How do we make sure someone’s overseeing those AI decisions being made about us and our data?

3. Security will be big and top-of-mind.

Microsoft’s goal is to be a cybersecurity leader. And with good reason. The company sees the most logins in the world. Last I saw, they were processing trillions of logins. That’s thanks to the size and scale of Office 365 and its use throughout the world. Microsoft is seeing the challenges that small to large enterprises are facing when it comes to security. Over the last year, they’ve worked to simplify security into fewer and fewer dashboards. They want to be that single pane of glass that delivers all the intelligence you need on the security of your environment and data.

4. Internet of Things (IoT) will be a major focus.

The portion of the conference dedicated to IoT grows every year. That makes sense considering the massive amount of data being created in the world and Azure being a hub for IoT information. You’re going to see a lot of discussion around the Internet of Things, Internet of Buildings, Internet of Automobiles, Internet of Cities, and so on. It’s a real challenge to determine how to handle all the data being generated by sensors and endpoints and getting it all to one place.

Helping You Understand and Apply Inspire’s Content

Microsoft Inspire ConferenceYour Microsoft programs are probably some of the very first things you log into every morning. Your business data probably lives on a Microsoft product. Your cloud email probably lives in a Microsoft product. ITP attends the Inspire Conference so we’re equipped to translate what all the new developments at Microsoft and in IT as a whole mean for you and your business.

All in all, I expect the Inspire Conference to be another great event. ITP looks forward to being there not only to get the latest news and continuing education from Microsoft, but also for the chance to continue planning closely with them. It’s our time to touch base with Microsoft’s partner development managers and make sure that ITP is leading the way as a partner.

You can be confident that when you work with us, you’re more in the loop and more connected to one of the largest technology providers in the world.


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