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A Day in the Life of a Lead Consulting Engineer at ITP

Welcome to our new Day in the Life blog series! Get to know the interesting people who work on your computers, servers, networks, cybersecurity, and IT projects. We wouldn’t be the organization we are today without each and every one of them.

Ryan Rogers, Lead Consulting Engineer at ITP

Meet Ryan Rogers

Ryan is lead consulting engineer here at ITP and has been with the company three years this August.

How Do You Start Your Day?

I typically get up around 5 AM (but it’s really whenever the sun rises because I’m pretty light-sensitive), hop in the shower, and then head to work. My mornings are as simple and basic as I can make them. I live in Janesville, so it takes me 45 minutes to an hour to get to the Madison office.

I always hit up my calendar first thing when I get to my desk to see if anything has changed since the day before. Then I check Teams to see if anyone is trying to get a hold of me with questions. It’s about 50-50 whether I’ll start the day with a bunch of requests for help.

What’s an Average Workday Like for You?

My “regular day” is always irregular. Generally what I deal with is escalated tickets from engineers who need help. I’ll hop in the ticket, see what they’ve done, and figure out what the right path is going forward. Those tickets can be on really any topic. Today might be a backup issue, tomorrow might be a SAN problem.

In addition to my responsibilities as a consulting engineer, as the lead engineer I’m a mentor for some of the younger, up-and-coming engineers.

On the client side, I typically interface with the CIO, head of the IT department, or another IT professional. Internally, I work with just about everyone – service desk engineers, field engineers, and operations.

What’s One Thing You Can’t Live Without While Working?

Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi. That is absolutely critical. I need caffeine to keep me going.

How Do You Wrap Up Your Day?

I check in with our operations team and check my schedule for the next day. There are enough fluctuations in my calendar that I want to make sure I know what needs to be accomplished the next day. The few times I haven’t done that, things didn’t turn out so well.

I don’t have a consistent end-time to my workday, but I try to keep my days to 9 hours or less. If there’s something I want to learn about for an upcoming project, I’ll put in a little more time at home. I like to research whatever the project issue is and what the pitfalls might be for that particular project, so that hopefully I don’t run into those problems myself live.

What Do You Do to Unwind When You Get Home?

I’m kind of a geek, so I love PBS and NPR. I’ll listen to a variety of podcasts on my phone – they’re almost all about science or a really bizarre topic. I also play Dota 2 competitively. I’m not very good, but I guess good enough to keep going. It’s fun and a nice distraction. I try to get to bed by 10 PM but it never seems to happen. I don’t usually go to bed until 11 PM or midnight.

Why Do You Like Working at ITP?

I get to work with a great team of senior engineers that I can trust to back me up. The flexibility and lack of micromanagement is also nice. I can take care of things that come up in my personal life without feeling like I’m letting everyone down at the office.

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