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April 2020 Newsletter

REGISTER NOW: 5 Security Tips to Help Your Business Grow – April 10

Are you running from one security issue to the next doing damage control? As soon as you put out one fire, another one pops up somewhere else.

Take control with 5 key strategies from our business security pros. We’ll share tips for improving your cybersecurity, data security, and physical security. And once your company is better protected, it’ll be free to grow and ready to face the future with confidence. REGISTER HERE >>>

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Security Checklist for Protecting Remote Users

Your remote users may be out of sight, but they’re definitely not out of your network – and that’s giving cybercriminals more ways to break in. Use our comprehensive checklist to close off key attack vectors and strengthen your expanded security perimeter. GET THE CHECKLIST >>>

WEBINAR REPLAY – Keep Your Business Productive & Protected During COVID-19

Ready or not, COVID-19 is thrusting businesses into a future of a more remote workforce. And hackers will take advantage of the chaos. Is your IT infrastructure equipped to handle the challenges coronavirus brings? Craft your COVID-19 business technology plan using the expert guidance you’ll find in this webinar. STREAM THE WEBINAR >>>

Remote Work and Beyond: A Guide for Surviving & Thriving During COVID-19

Remote Work and Beyond

Now more than ever your organization is depending on you to keep your users connected, productive, and protected. We’ve laid out what you need to focus on for getting your users set up for remote work – and for ensuring your business can continue to support remote workers in a post-coronavirus world.

Transitioning to a mostly remote workforce takes more than sending your employees home with laptops. Explore the essentials of sustaining a remote workforce, including:

  • VPN & connectivity
  • Collaboration
  • Security

But what comes after coronavirus? Will your company continue to let employees work remotely? If remote work will be our new reality, your business needs to ready itself for the long-term implications by looking at:

  • Employee training
  • Business continuity & disaster recovery
  • Cybersecurity
  • Mapping out the future


How to Use Teams for Virtual Meetings

How to Use Microsoft Teams

Have some employees who aren’t used to virtual meetings? Conducting online meetings is so easy with Microsoft Teams. Help your users get up to speed on Teams quickly with our handy user guide, created by our Service Delivery Specialist Matt Carter.

It contains simple step-by-step instructions plus links to how-to videos. Your employees will be virtual meeting virtuosos in no time. GET THE USER GUIDE >>>

WEBINAR REPLAY – Executive Q&A: Outsourcing IT

Partnering with an IT provider can save you money, enhance your existing IT team, and take the pressure of IT management away so you can focus on driving the business.

More than half of small businesses now outsource their IT functions for these very reasons. But don’t take our word for it. Listen to the experience of a fellow IT leader. April Dichraff, vice president of IT at Veridian Homes, will share the why, how, and when behind her company’s choice to leverage outsourced IT. STREAM THE WEBINAR >>>

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