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August 2019 Newsletter

LIVE EVENT: Hacker’s Havoc Happy Hour at Forward Fest – Aug. 27

We are super excited to partner with Madison’s flagship tech and entrepreneurship festival to bring you Hacker’s Havoc Happy Hour.

Two of ITP’s cybersecurity experts – Paul Hager and Dale Harkness – will discuss the current cyber threats impacting small and medium-sized businesses. They’ll also share how organizations can keep their login credentials off the dark web and better protect their data. For more details, read our blog post: ITP Talks Cybersecurity at Forward Fest 2019

Paul Hager
Paul Hager
Dale Harkness
Dale Harkness

Paul Hager is an entrepreneur, inventor, IT guru, and – of course – ITP’s CEO. He has decades of experience in helping companies tackle the toughest IT challenges in a changing world.

Dale Harkness is a senior consulting engineer with ITP. He’s worked with government agencies, financial institutions, and health care organizations to protect the super sensitive information housed on their networks. Dale is currently pursuing a master’s degree in cybersecurity and information assurance.

When: Tuesday, August 27 at 5 PM

Where: Palette Bar & Grill at Hotel Indigo

Cost: FREE (all you need to do is register)


Forward Fest Hacker's Havoc Happy Hour

IT Staffing Successes

When filling IT roles, it’s not what you know – it’s who you know. And we know tons of potential candidates. In just weeks, we filled two highly technical roles for two very satisfied companies.

Our talent acquisition team, led by Kerry Weber, found a very specialized Business Systems Analyst for a manufacturing/consumer goods company in Madison. And they also sourced the perfect Sr. Systems Administrator for a growing agricultural company in the area.

Getting help from the staffing pros at ITP is the smart decision if you’re looking to fill specialized IT roles in your business.

Contact the ITP staffing team today at .

NEW WHITEPAPER: Defending Against Fileless Malware

Most malware – like viruses, trojans, worms, and ransomware – are file-based. They use your computer’s file system and reside on your computer’s disk.

But fileless malware is different. Because it hijacks legitimate, safe-to-use applications built into every Windows computer, fileless malware easily evades anti-virus programs and many other security tools.

Download our new whitepaper to learn:

  • What fileless malware is
  • How it works and spreads
  • Strategies for protecting yourself and your company


How to Succeed as a Small Business

Fewer than 12 companies in the Madison area made it on to the Inc. 5000 list last year. ITP has done it four years in a row. What’s the secret to our growth and success? Our CEO Paul Hager explains in his acceptance speech at the Dane County Small Business Awards.


NEW RESOURCE: The State of Email Security 2019

Email is the largest single attack vector on the planet. This report offers a clear picture of which email threats are most dangerous and concrete steps you can take to better protect your organization.

The State of Email Security Report 2019

It focuses on:

  • Business email compromise (BEC)
  • Phishing & spear-phishing
  • Malware
  • Insider threats
  • Ransomware
  • And more


ITP Goes to Inspire

In July, ITP attended Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference, Inspire, in Las Vegas. The conference is an opportunity to learn, network, and see how some of Microsoft’s latest technologies are having impact all around the world.

The Coolest Thing We Saw at Inspire

Amazing translation services rendered in a life-sized hologram through HoloLens and powered by Azure. How? They used Mixed Reality to create the hologram, Azure Speech-to-Text to capture her speech, then Azure Translate to convert it into Japanese, and finally they applied neural technology to insert her unique voice signature. The end result? A life-sized replica of her, using her exact voice, translated into Japanese. Absolutely incredible. Watch this one-minute video.

3 Reasons to Attend a Customer Immersion Experience

  1. A Customer Immersion Experience (or CIE) takes you on a hands-on deep dive of Microsoft Office 365. You’ll discover all the cool things it can do and learn how Office 365 can streamline and simplify your company’s unique processes.
  2. Learn from the Office 365 experts at ITP. Our CIE facilitators know Office 365 forwards and backwards, inside and out. They’ll walk you through the key features and answer all your questions about how it can fit into your business.
  3. It’s fun! No, seriously. A CIE is like a big sandbox for you to play in. Mess around with Office 365 and see what it can do. Push buttons, click links, make mistakes. Plus, our facilitators help keep things light-hearted.

We’re offering another round of CIE sessions August 12-16. Each session is 4 hours long and is ideal for groups of 3-10.

Sign Up for an August CIE Session

Q2 Satisfaction Score

Thank you to everyone who gave us feedback on our performance in our Q2 Satisfaction Survey! We received an overall score of 9.53 out of 10.

We’re constantly striving to improve our service to you and hearing your input helps us do that. A few highlights from the survey:

“Always attentive and informative. Keep up the great collaboration!”

“We partner with IT Pros whenever possible.”

“ITP established us with a stable IT platform. We have had minimal needs over the past few months. That’s how we want it.”

“Keep up the good work.”

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