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Azure Migration: Zero Downtime Zero Data Loss

Azure Migration, Microsoft Azure, AzureNew from ITP: Azure Migration Case Study

Considering a move to the Azure Cloud? Read ITP’s latest resource, focused on a successful and timely Azure migration to the cloud. You’ll meet Saco Foods – a global consumer-packaged goods manufacturer and distributor – and hear their story of growth, including the strain it put on their technology and business operations.

Enter ITP. The planners, the thinkers, the technology experts. Our team quickly helped Saco anticipate their technology needs and provide right-sized solutions for their combining team. From timely scaling of licenses, to a seamless migration to Azure, all with a laser focus on maintaining compliance – ITP served as the technology advisor and implementor during this pivotal business transaction.

“Working with ITP for our Microsoft Azure transition was an excellent choice. The migration experience was so smooth and simple on our team. The fact that we experienced zero downtime – thanks to a weekend migration – and were ready to go for a pivotal Monday Board of Directors meeting, it was simply seamless. Our security is better now. Compliance is entrusted to ITP and Microsoft. And, their reliability is second to none.” – Tom Walzer, CEO of Saco Foods

The result? ITP migrated Saco’s environment over the weekend to hit a Monday deadline. The Azure migration and upgrades were completed with near-zero downtime and without any data loss. Employees had no work disruptions and critical contact information was maintained. With their data now stored in several data centers, Saco is now better positioned for if or when a disaster strikes.

We have always been able to trust the team at ITP as if they were an extension of our management team. They are a critical part of our business, essentially serving as an external CIO for our organization. – Tom Walzer, CEO of Saco Foods

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We share the details of Saco’s Azure Migrations in our latest case study.Click here to access the case study >>>


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