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All About Azure – Top Features

Here’s what we love most about Azure.

Imagine getting unlimited, on-demand compute, storage, networking and software as a service… from anywhere in the world. Welcome to the cloud. Cloud computing is changing the way networks are utilized, managed and secured. Network traffic is now shifting from on-premise, private and closed networks to the public cloud. Whether you are a one-person shop or a global enterprise, Microsoft’s cloud computing makes it easier to do business with customers and partners around the world.

  • Security
    Your data and communications have to be safe. Microsoft has made significant investments in security, compliance, and privacy. With features like Multi-Factor Authentication and Azure ExpressRoute, Azure provides the most secure sign-on experience and network security. Read more about the robust security features of Azure in ‘Safeguarding your cloud resources with Azure security services’.
  • Connectivity
    Reach people all over the world. Connect from anywhere, to anywhere from any device. Plus Microsoft has just added strategically located network edge sites. They now have over 130 edge nodes around the world and more than 4,500 connections globally. Which means….less latency for you.
  • Performance
    Your business demands it. Microsoft has created a scalable data center network fabric. Each virtual machine is provided with up to 25 Gbps bandwidth, with optimized end-to-end performance. These network optimizations free up your CPU to handle application workloads, which means a great networking experience for you and your customers.
  • Scale
    …Because you want to be able to access anything you want, wherever you are, and whenever you need it. Scalability means flexibility. Have a seasonal business? Perhaps you are an online retailer and gearing up for the holidays. You know that 80% of your sales happen during October and November. Turn up your network for smoother online transactions during high volume times, and pay only for what you actually use.

Microsoft has been a pioneer in cloud networking. Azure is their flagship public cloud. Learn about all unique features their cloud offers for end users, your business, your customers and your services. Join ITP for an Azure Workshop, a half-day session dedicated to understanding the impact Azure could have for your business. You’ll leave with a proof of concept that is custom to your environment and business needs.

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