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Be Honest. Are You Really Prepared for a Data Disaster?

Be Ready For When – Not If – You Lose Your Data

Disaster recoveryBetween ransomware and phishing running rampant and the constant threat of tornadoes, floods, or blizzards, your data and infrastructure are always at risk. No one wants to suffer a natural or digital disaster only to then discover their data is unrecoverable. That can be game over for your business.

Learn how to keep your precious data safe no matter what. ITP and Veeam data backup specialists show you how at a new webinar – When Disaster Strikes: Cloud Backup and DR Planning.

How to Tell if Your Business Continuity Plan is Good Enough

Consider these questions:

Are you backing up ALL of your data? Don’t forget about SaaS data if you use Office 365. Microsoft doesn’t keep your data on file for long. Deleted emails are kept a maximum of 93 days before being deleted forever. SharePoint and OneDrive data is only retained for 14 days. So unless you’re backing up Office 365 with a third-party tool, you could lose loads of crucial data.

Where are you backing your data up to? Locally on your machines? On-premise in a physical server? Virtually? In the cloud? Are you properly backing up data from new platforms or applications you invest in?

What if your primary data backup is damaged or destroyed? Your PC’s hard drive dies. Your on-premise backup goes up in flames. Now what?

Are you following the 3-2-1 Rule? Industry best practice says to always have 3+ copies of your data in 2 different formats with 1 copy stored offline or in the cloud.

How long can your business afford to be down? Whether it’s 10 minutes or 10 hours, knowing this number gives you a goal for how quickly your data recovery processes need to take.

How quickly can your IT team recover your systems and data? If your business can’t afford to be down for more than 30 minutes, but your IT team needs at least 2 hours to restore everything, you’ve got a serious gap to address.

For more insights, read New Research Spotlights Data Protection Challenges on our blog.

Get Expert Advice

Not backing up your data and wondering where to start? Already doing data backups but not protecting them?

When Disaster Strikes: Cloud Backup and DR Planning is an intensive, 30-minute webinar designed specifically to help small and medium-sized businesses prepare for all aspects of a disaster.

Data backup and disaster recovery webinar

Learn how to:

  • Get both physical and virtual backups offsite
  • Replicate virtual machines without needing your own offsite infrastructure
  • Backup and replicate to the cloud quickly and securely
  • Recover data quickly and efficiently

Leave with tools and tips for protecting your technology from natural and digital disasters. Whether your network is on-premise, cloud, or hybrid, we’ll help you determine the best ways to protect your business applications and data. Schedule a meeting with us to start the conversation.




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