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Breach Report – February 2019

Welcome back to the Breach Report.

In this monthly feature, ITP is stressing the importance of data security – both personal and commercial.

IT security and data security is constantly evolving to battle the ever-changing digital attacks. Cybercriminals are responsible for some of the biggest crimes and the most headaches for the everyday, average person. With the Breach Report, we hope to keep you in the know regarding major breach events, as well as how to combat them with a few security tips and topics each month.

Security Topics of the Month

Consumers are catching on to the data value exchange game.

Following the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Australia media company, Pureprofile, surveyed consumers to measure perceptions surrounding data use by organizations. Almost half (48%) were concerned about how their data was being used and intended to make changes to their privacy and sharing settings. Surprisingly, 26% of the Australian users surveyed decided to change or close their Facebook account.

When combined with other research on attitudes towards data use, it becomes clear that consumers are growing increasingly aware of the value exchange that occurs with online services, social media, and companies. However, they are not satisfied with how their data is being used and who exactly is using it, signaling a future paradigm shift in the way customers respond to data breaches.

Fostering trust with cyber vigilant customers begins by explaining how you are protecting their data. Consider highlighting your security solutions and outline how customer data is only being used when necessary, and with the intention of improving customer experiences to make their lives easier.

The Month in Breach

As we have mentioned in previous breach reports, hackers will always find ways to cheat businesses and plunder data.

Hyatt to pay Hackers to Find Breaches

Hyatt Hotels recently launched a bug bounty program dubbed HackerOne, enabling ethical hackers to report security flaws for rewards up to $4,000. Considering recent card-skimming attacks against the hospitality chain, the innovative platform is designed to “tap into the vast expertise of the security research community to accelerate identifying and fixing potential vulnerabilities”. Other organizations that are following suit and using the platform include Google, Twitter, the US Department of Defense, GitHub, and Qualcomm.

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