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Look Like an IT Superhero with Hyperconverged Infrastructure

HCI: The Ultimate IT Sidekick It’s the Robin to your Batman, the Bucky Barnes to your Captain America, the War Machine to your Iron Man. It’s hyperconverged infrastructure – working hard behind the scenes to make your job easier and ensure you look awesome to everyone else. New Case Study Illustrates HCI’s Superpowers Gustave A. […]

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Taking the First Steps Toward Digital Transformation in Healthcare

4 Strategies for Getting Started Approaching digital transformation in healthcare can seem daunting. In a recent webinar, Cheryl Rodenfels of Nutanix and Paul Hager of ITP took a deep dive into how healthcare organizations can effectively leverage tech to overcome their challenges. Here are a few highlights from their discussion. You can also stream the […]

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Case Study Shows Hyperconverged Helps Growing Companies

Giving a Flourishing Company Room to Grow Jim Warner was stuck in a never-ending game of catch-up. As CTO and CSO for State Collection Service (State), he had to make sure the IT infrastructure could handle the demands of an expanding business. But with State achieving 15-20% year-over-year growth over the last decade, that was […]

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The Future of Hyperconverged is Bright

ITP Gets Exclusive Sneak Peek at Nutanix’s Fiscal Year Kick-off Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) is becoming a more and more popular solution for companies wanting to simplify and streamline their networks. The HCI market is growing rapidly and expected to top $17 billion by 2023. Our partnership with industry leader Nutanix means we can offer some […]

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Making Sense of Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Your Stepping Stone to the Cloud The term hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) was first coined in 2012. Since then, it has grown exponentially, with Gartner predicting a 48% compound annual growth rate over the next 5 years. That’s not surprising when you consider HCI has been shown to improve operational efficiency, scalability, and data efficiency while […]

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How to Radically Improve School and Gov’t IT Infrastructure

Dispelling the Myths of Hyperconverged Infrastructure When you hear “hyperconverged infrastructure” maybe you envision a perplexing array of hardware and cables overflowing out of your tiny network closet. Or maybe you see huge dollar signs floating in the air as you worry over the cost of such a solution. Think hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) is too […]

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Case Study Highlights Hyperconverged in Local Government

A Streamlined, Cost-effective Solution for SLED Last year, Bobby Kewan had a big decision to make. As the sole IT employee for the City of Pewaukee, it was up to him to determine what to do when the city’s SAN (storage area network), hypervisor, and host servers needed to be upgraded. It wasn’t a situation […]

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