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Breach Report – March 2020

This month in cybersecurity news, COVID-19 scams abound, hackers make millions on the Dark Web, and data breach dangers continue. Security Topics of the Month Coronavirus Phishing Scams Capitalizing on Fear As COVID-19 spreads around the globe, hackers are exploiting the atmosphere of panic and fear created by the pandemic to steal peoples’ personal information. […]

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A Security Checklist for Protecting Remote Users

7 Areas to Focus on for Remote Work Security Your remote users may be out of sight, but they’re definitely not out of your network. The massive increase in remote work thanks to COVID-19 is giving cybercriminals loads more opportunities to slide into your infrastructure. These recommendations can help you close off key attack vectors […]

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Remote Work and Beyond: Surviving & Thriving During COVID-19

Best Practices for a Healthy Infrastructure We live in crazy times. Now more than ever your organization is depending on you to keep your users connected, productive, and protected. Consider this a short primer for getting your users set up for remote work – and for ensuring your business can continue to support remote workers […]

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Free COVID-19 Tech Resources for Businesses

Feeling stressed, scared, and overwhelmed by all the changes COVID-19 is causing in the business world? Channeling your concern into actions that protect yourself and those around you will help your business survive and even thrive. These key resources from the ITP team offer helpful guidance for doing just that. WEBINAR RECORDING: Keep Your Business […]

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This month, universities all over the world struggle to overcome costly phishing scams, IBM’s latest threat analysis outlines trends for 2020, and cybersecurity insurance costs skyrocket. THE MONTH IN BREACH 2FA just days too late… United States – St. Louis Community College Several employees fell for a phishing scam that compromised students’ personal information. The […]

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Breach Report – January 2020

Welcome back to your monthly overview of the biggest cybersecurity headlines and network breaches in the country. Stay abreast of the latest developments in IT security so you can keep your company safe. Security Topics of the Month Company Data Broker Fails to Secure Internal Server Customers and companies are increasingly unwilling to partner with […]

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Our Advice for Companies Still Running Windows 7

Be Smart About Moving to Windows 10 In a nutshell, it’s time to move to Windows 10. Any IT professional worth their salt will say that staying on Windows 7 is a risky proposition. We could tell you all sorts of horror stories about what can happen to your network and data if you stubbornly […]

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Breach Report – December 2019

Welcome to Breach Report! Start your 2020 armed with the latest cybersecurity news and data breaches from around the country. Security Topics of the Month Phishing Scams Target Office 365 Admins Cybercriminals are using information readily available on the internet to target business administrators with phishing scams in hopes of attaining their Office 365 login […]

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Paul’s 3 Bold Tech Predictions for 2020

Every year our fearless in-house futurist Paul Hager pulls out his crystal ball and peers into technology’s future. In 2019, Paul’s predictions involved 5G technology, autonomous vehicles, and digital ethics. What can you expect to face as a new decade unfolds? Let’s see what Paul says. Bold Prediction #1: AI/ML Will Hugely Impact Cybersecurity Artificial […]

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Breach Report – November 2019

Enjoy our monthly overview of major cyberattacks from around the country as well as the latest tips and hottest topics in cybersecurity. Security Topics of the Month Consumers Stop Engaging with Brands Online After Data Breach In a recent survey by Business Wire, nearly 50% of respondents are more concerned about data security then they […]

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