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Breach Report – July 2019

Stay up-to-date on the biggest news in cybersecurity and learn lessons from major cyberattacks in this monthly roundup.

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Report: The State of Email Security 2019

The State of Email Security Report 2019 is packed with insights from 1,000+ IT decision makers all over the world. It examines the threats they’ve experienced, the resulting business impact, and how they’re responding. Most importantly, you’ll get a list of actionable steps to improve your organization’s own email security and cyber resilience.

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ITP Talks Cybersecurity at Forward Fest 2019

A Username and Password is All a Hacker Needs According to Verizon’s annual Data Breach Investigations Report, stolen login credentials are by far the most common way hackers breach corporate data. But logging in to a network with legitimate credentials isn’t exactly rocket science or sophisticated. In fact, it’s a very basic way to break […]

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New Resource in Fight Against Fileless Malware

Download Our Whitepaper It’s the ninja of malware. It penetrates your defenses without being seen. It’s invisible to anti-virus, leaving no trace that it’s even there. It’s brutally effective in disrupting businesses and stealing sensitive data. And it makes up more than half of all network attacks. Meet fileless malware, one of the most insidious […]

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Breach Report – June 2019

Welcome to the June Breach Report. Stay updated on the latest cyberattack methods and learn best practices for protecting your company’s data. It’s all right here. Security Topics of the Month Mobile Banking Malware on the Rise According to a Kaspersky Lab report, instances of mobile banking malware trojans more than tripled in Q1 2019. […]

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Breach Report – May 2019

Welcome to your one-stop shop for the hottest topics in cybersecurity and overviews of major cyberattacks. Security Topics of the Month Cyberattacks Soaring in 2019 According to a recent report by Malwarebytes, cyber threats are up 235% year-over-year in Q1 2019, mostly due to a surge in ransomware and trojans. The study also found that […]

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Window’s 7’s Demise Is at Hand – Are You Ready?

Now’s the Time to Move to Windows 10 January 14 – it seems so far away, but it’ll be here before you know it. That’s the date Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 7. If you haven’t moved your business over to Windows 10 by then, you’ll be in trouble. Why? Because after January 14, Windows 7 […]

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What Shrek Can Teach You About Cybersecurity

Why a Layered Approach is Best If there’s one thing Shrek is adamant about, it’s layers. He’s no one-dimensional being – he’s made of many different elements. Layers don’t just apply to ogres; they’re essential in cybersecurity, too. Even a tiny gap in your network protections is enough for a hacker to squeeze through. Depending […]

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Breach Report – April 2019

It’s baaaaaaack. Enjoy our monthly overview of major cyberattacks from around the world as well as the latest tips and hottest topics in cybersecurity. Security Topics of the Month Business Email Compromise (BEC) Scams Hackers use BEC scams to trick companies that pay their bills through wire transfers. The scammers impersonate C-suite employees and leverage […]

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Celebrate Earth Day With a Little Spring Cleaning

Tips for Putting Your Network in Order In celebration of Earth Day, we’re sharing a list of smart spring cleaning activities for IT professionals. Get an Accurate Device Count Knowing your hardware inventory and who’s using corporate devices helps you: Identify when you need to order more equipment Plan for hardware refreshes Know where assets […]

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