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A Security Checklist for Protecting Remote Users

7 Areas to Focus on for Remote Work Security Your remote users may be out of sight, but they’re definitely not out of your network. The massive increase in remote work thanks to COVID-19 is giving cybercriminals loads more opportunities to slide into your infrastructure. These recommendations can help you close off key attack vectors […]

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Remote Work and Beyond: Surviving & Thriving During COVID-19

Best Practices for a Healthy Infrastructure We live in crazy times. Now more than ever your organization is depending on you to keep your users connected, productive, and protected. Consider this a short primer for getting your users set up for remote work – and for ensuring your business can continue to support remote workers […]

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Free COVID-19 Tech Resources for Businesses

Feeling stressed, scared, and overwhelmed by all the changes COVID-19 is causing in the business world? Channeling your concern into actions that protect yourself and those around you will help your business survive and even thrive. These key resources from the ITP team offer helpful guidance for doing just that. WEBINAR RECORDING: Keep Your Business […]

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Look Like an IT Superhero with Hyperconverged Infrastructure

HCI: The Ultimate IT Sidekick It’s the Robin to your Batman, the Bucky Barnes to your Captain America, the War Machine to your Iron Man. It’s hyperconverged infrastructure – working hard behind the scenes to make your job easier and ensure you look awesome to everyone else. New Case Study Illustrates HCI’s Superpowers Gustave A. […]

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Project Management: Making IT Projects Tick

An Inside Look at ITP’s Project Management Deploying a hyperconverged infrastructure solution? Maybe you’re finally moving to Windows 10. Whatever tech projects you’ve got on your plate, working with skilled project managers takes the stress out of the process. When you partner with ITP, you get more than just hardware, software, and engineering expertise. You […]

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The Secret to Saving Money and Increasing Efficiency as an SMB

Straight Talk about Outsourced IT Do you know what Proctor & Gamble, Unilever, WhatsApp, and Acer all have in common? They all outsource aspects of their business – and enjoy massive success as a result. You may not be a global megabrand, but outsourcing can still benefit your organization in big ways. It’s impossible to […]

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An SD-WAN Success Story

New Case Study Highlights Faster Speeds, Lower Costs from SD-WAN Gustave A. Larson Company had been running an MPLS network through their ISP for as long as anyone could remember. But it only offered 1.5 Mbps speeds – quite slow in an era where most people can enjoy 250 Mbps speeds at home. Those slow […]

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You Might Not Need to Worry About CCPA – Here’s Why

CCPA in Simple Terms California has made a name for itself as a state that passes many first-of-its-kind pieces of legislation. From allowing college athletes to earn money from endorsements while they’re in school to outlawing fur trapping, the Golden State has many forward-thinking laws on the books. For those of us in the tech […]

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3 Tips for Prioritizing Your IT Projects

Which Projects Should Come First? You’re surrounded by IT projects – your servers need upgrading, your wireless network needs help, you haven’t had a good backup in months, and some of your PCs are still running Windows 7. Where do you start? What’s most important and what can wait? These 3 tips can help you […]

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Our Advice for Companies Still Running Windows 7

Be Smart About Moving to Windows 10 In a nutshell, it’s time to move to Windows 10. Any IT professional worth their salt will say that staying on Windows 7 is a risky proposition. We could tell you all sorts of horror stories about what can happen to your network and data if you stubbornly […]

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