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Own the IT Court: Join Us for Nets and Networking

Watch Basketball. Drink Beer. Improve your IT. March Madness is upon us, and you know what that means. It’s time for our third annual Nets and Networking Basketball Bash! Break out your brackets and cheer on your favorite teams during the first-round playoffs on March 21st starting at 12:30 p.m. Top Players for a Strong […]

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Why a National Association Moved to Office 365

Case Study Shows the Transformation Office 365 Brings to Business As the IT and operations director for the American Society of Agronomy, Ian Popkewitz knew it was time for a change. It seemed like every one of the 50+ employees at the ASA was on a different version of Microsoft Office. The IT department was […]

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New Case Study Showcases Azure Advantages

A Cloud Solution for Any Sized Business Wegner Hoffman & Associates had a problem. As a premier accounting firm in central Wisconsin, their existing network was holding them back. Their traditional server was slow, cumbersome, and challenging to manage. But as a small company with no IT professional on staff, installing an expensive new on-premise […]

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Why It’s Cool to Move to the Cloud

4 Benefits of Becoming Cloud-Based Since the term “cloud computing” was first coined in 1996, it’s become a ubiquitous part of almost any IT discussion. It’s definitely not a passing fad, either. Today, cloud computing represents a larger and larger percentage of overall IT spending worldwide. Although there are still some holdouts hesitant to move […]

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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Microsoft Azure

Surprising Secrets of This Public Cloud Service As Microsoft’s public cloud, Azure provides unlimited, on-demand compute, storage, networking, and software-as-a-service from anywhere in the world. You probably knew that already. But there’s a lot more to Azure that you might not know. 1. Many services are available for free For example, Azure Security Metrics is […]

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Edge vs. Cloud Computing: What’s the Difference?

An Explanation in Less Than 1,000 Words Edge computing is a hot buzzword these days. Confused about how edge computing and cloud computing are different? Is one better than the other? Should your business be using both? Plenty of people have questions like these. So we thought we’d clear it up for you. Cloud Computing […]

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May 2019 Newsletter

WEBINAR: IT Hiring Headaches – May 2 at 1 PM Not sure where to start in hiring IT professionals? Worried you won’t find enough qualified candidates? IT staffing expert Kerry Weber, ITP’s Talent Acquisition Manager, will share insider tips for attracting and hiring top talent. REGISTER NOW   ITP Wins Dane County Small Business Award […]

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Choosing the Right Type of Office 365 Migration

The Differences Between Hybrid and Cutover Migrations – In Plain English Your company has ok’d the migration of the data on your Microsoft Exchange email server to the cloud via Office 365. Sweet! Before you move forward, though, the first question you need to consider is what kind of migration format to use: hybrid or […]

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New Research Spotlights Data Protection Challenges

Protecting the Lifeblood of Your Business A department head calls you in a panic because he accidentally deleted the presentation he’s supposed to give in 2 hours. After unexpected major flooding, a foot of dirty standing water has taken up residence throughout your entire office building – including the server room. Someone didn’t pay attention […]

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Enterprise Mobility Suite

The Enterprise Mobility Suite can come in a couple of different options – EMS E3 & EMS E5 are a pair of commonly bundled SKUs that features EMS. That’s said because EMS is not a stand-alone Microsoft product, but rather it represents a bundle of other Microsoft cloud products. At its core, both EMS SKUs […]

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